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    Eric Schock - 'aceschock'
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Date of Birth: December 24th, 1975 in Guam
Current Location: Tucson,AZ
Occupation: Owner of Evil Robo Productions, LLC
Graphic Designer/Artist/Comic Illustrator, and Writer.
Current Affiliations: Evil Robo Productions, LLC

Al Collins Graphic Design School (Collins College) - 1995-1998
Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Graphics ( Kubert School) – 2004-2006
Pima Community College – 2008 – Current

Comic Book Work:
Palo Verde Post – 1995 “The Smiley Guy!”
Pima Post - 2000 – “Line Weight” 3 episodes
Random Panels – 2000-2001 “Fantabulous” all four issues.
Tribal Force – 2000-2003
Ash-Tray Comics – 2004 “Issue #0”
Ash-Tray Comics – 2007 - Present
Evil Robo Presemts The Golden Age : Daredevil, The Black Terror, The Owl
Evil Robo Presents #1 (artwork), #2 (Production, and Design)

Comic Influences:

Will Eisner, Jordi Bernet, Jack Cole, Bruce Timm, Darwyn Cooke, Frank Miller, Ed Brubaker, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Toth, Jack Kirby, Dick Sprang, Curt Swan, Joe Kubert, Charles Burns, Dean Motter, Wally Wood, Matt Wagner, Shane Glines, Gil Kane, Jim Lee, Eric Powell,
Eric Larsen, Michael Lark, Paul Pope, Mike Mignola, Milton Caniff, Alex Raymond, Brian Azzarello, and many more!

Some Info about myself:

For me drawing has always been something I had to do. My folks moved our family around often (Air Force) so I really couldn’t hold on to many friends. So I started to draw and read comics. Comics were a big thing for me. I knew any place I lived my favorite heroes would be only a few moments away. I dove into those pages reading everything I could, my mind was a sponge. I was learning what it was to be a comic artist. These guys didn’t do it for the fame or money; they did it for the love of what they did.

After we moved from Guam (where I was born) to North Dakota (where I picked up my sister), then to Florida my family finally settled in Arizona. I attended middle school in Tucson where I met my friend and fellow creator Adrian Cronin (I’ve known this guy for over 20 years).

At the age of 14 I decided to do something with my art. I began drawing my own comic books. They were 6 – 12 pages of characters that I created over the summer.

When I was in high school Adrian and I created a character named Darkstar…we found out later that an alien force sucked this idea out of Adrian’s brain and implanted it into 7 other people in the world that had a Darkstar. So, we killed the character off. After High school I moved to Phoenix, AZ to attend The Al Collins Graphic Design School, to learn what it would take to be a designer (mainly it’s all about the deadline). It was cool, but I wasn’t comics.

After a few years I moved back to Tucson, and started working as a freelance designer. While I made copies/and did desktop publishing for "the man". A few of my coworker at the copy shop asked if I would be interested in working on an Ashcan comic book. I called Adrian to have him get involved with the project and Random Panels was created. We created a “Sell-Out” character by the name of Fantabulous. This series only lasted four issues and Random Panels fell into the sewers. (Just a side note, Adrian and I came up with the name for this book “RANDOM PANELS" during work on our first story)

Evil Robo Productions was created in 2000 with its first book called Ash-Tray Comics. It was a zero issue that gave a spotlight for my worlds and creations.

Sometime later I left Arizona to attend The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Graphics in New Jersey. After Adrain suggested I take my career to the next level. Finally a school for what I was trying to do with my art. This is where I met: Sasa Bralic, Karl Savage, Dan Duncan, Don Kunkel, Karl Slominski, Shuan O’Neil, Andre Renaud Jr., Jason Boehm, and lots more! I was taught my trade from Mike Kraiger, Darren Auck, Toby Cypress, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, and “The Legend” Joe Kubert just to name a few.

After graduation I moved back to Tucson. Don Kunkel and I created “Evil Robo Presents”. It did not do well and I made a decision to scratch that idea and re-launch “Ash-Tray Comics”. I returned to my characters used in the original Ash-tray, namely The Bald Avenger, Maim, Smiley Guy, and Jim Haggin.

I called up Sasa Bralic and asked him if he would like to start a comic company like we use to talk about during school, but this time for real. He accepted. I then contacted a bunch of my friends and fellow artists from school and around Tucson offering the opportunity to include their own content into the book. Ash-tray Comics was born into a publication in July of 2007.

It was around that time when Charlie Harris, owner of Charlie's Comics Books, introduced me to Taylor Garrity. I really dug his pencils and thought it would be cool to have him aboard. Taylor was introduced with issue three, and he is the vice president of Evil Robo Productions.

The rest is history.

I've worked with the Tucson Comic Con, and held the position of Art Director from 2008-2011.

Not only do I work in comics, but I'm a freelance artist/designer.

Date of Birth: 12/24/1975
Birthplace: Guam

MySpace: http://N/A

Eric is the owner of EVIL ROBO PRODUCTIONS, LLC. His work can be seen in the pages of ASH-TRAY COMICS, THE BALD AVENGER, EVIL ROBO PRESENTS, EVIL ROBO PRESENTS THE GOLDEN AGE, and various other publications.

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