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    Ryan Wing
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Ryan Wing was born at sea in 1797 on the sailing vessel HMS "Handsome Pancakes."   Immediately Ryan began to crew taking only a brief break in his first hours of life to have his umbilical cord cut.  By his third day on Earth Ryan had already battled a giant squid and the Spaniards.  The details of his life from then until the middle 1970's are undocumented as he was lost at sea on his fourth day of existence.
He reemerged surprisingly as a baby in 1976 and carried on his swashbuckling ways.  By his fifth birthday Ryan had retired from the seas and decided that it was time to settle down and attend elementary school.  Although Ryan left the sea, it seems reasonable to say that the sea never left him.  He keel hauled many an elementary school student after accusations that they were attempting to maroon him on the merry go round.
As Ryan moved into adolescence his interest turned to the arts and to the rock and roll.  He began to hone his craft and also found a deep appreciation for the music of The Cure.  Initially Ryan believed that The Cure must be a modern method to cure people of their scurvy, so having scurvy himself it seemed like a no brainer to listen to them. Ryan has an intense hatred for citrus fruits and any alternative to cure his scurvy was something he'd pursue.  He was disappointed to learn that The Cure were not capable to free him from scurvy, but he found that he deeply enjoyed their music.  Ryan maintains that Robert Smith would "make as fine a ship's captain as the seas have ever seen," although Mr. Smith, "lacks a deep, leathered tan like a proper gentleman of the sea."    
Ryan was once again called to the seas, but this time it was the choppy waters of artistic expression.  He gained fame and fortune by creating scrimshaw renderings of the cast of Three's Company.  While this brought him renown from a huge amount of adoring fans, it also brought him the ire of animal activists.  After several "cannon skirmishes" and an attempted pillaging of the Gathering of the Vibes, Ryan found that his interest in, and the public's demand for, these scrimshaw masterpieces to be greatly diminished.  Ryan still strongly believes that sperm whales and walruses are inexhaustible resources and in fact lights his home only with lamps that use whale oil. Naturally Ryan harvests these whales from New England and East Canadian waters himself.
Never one to back away from a bad influence Mr. Wing befriended Matthew Erickson in the middle to late 1990's. They have involved themselves in a variety of bands, namely A Century of Fakers and Holland Holland.  He's also been attached to a solo project, Squeaky Sneakers.  Upon the bad advice of Erickson, Ryan connected with a local goon who shared his growing interest in graphic storytelling and thusly the seed was planted for collaborations that would eventually be part of the AP&P Comics family.  Ryan is the creator of October Ghost and associated characters.  Ryan has also designed, pencilled, inked and lettered for the following comics and characters who were created by the aforementioned goon:  Neutron Star, Joe Yogi, Quick Carleson and Arthur Conan Mulligan.   
Ryan also attended college at the University of Southern Maine where he intimidated the faculty into awarding him his BFA.  While there he met his wife and helper to the AP&P Family, Sarah-Jane.  She took cured him of his heart's longing and also his scurvy.  While the sailing seems smooth now, it may be only a matter of time before the nature of Ryan's inner seaman and the ensuing chaos eclipses the nurture of his lovely wife, dashing son Eliot, and their golden retriever.

Date of Birth:
Birthplace: Maine

Facebook: http://Ryan.b.wing

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AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)
Tales from the Endoverse (2010)

AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)
Citizen Comics (2012)
Neutron Star (2012)
Tales from the Endoverse (2010)

AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)
Citizen Comics (2012)
Neutron Star (2012)
Tales from the Endoverse (2010)

AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)
Citizen Comics (2012)
Neutron Star (2012)

AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)
Citizen Comics (2012)
Neutron Star (2012)
Tales from the Endoverse (2010)


Cover Artist:
AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)
Neutron Star (2012)
Tales from the Endoverse (2010)

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