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    Joe Gill
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Also Credited As:
Daniels, Jack

Giddens, Jane

Walker, Johnny

Gill was born in 1919. His earliest known work in comics was for Timely (now Marvel) in the early forties and he was among the many writers who wrote Captain America after the departure of Simon and Kirby. In the late forties when the company switched over to teen comics and westerns, he was one of their busiest writers but he eventually fell into disfavor with the editor there, Stan Lee, and work began to become sporadic. By the early fifties, he was doing most of his writing for a company called Funnies, Inc., which supplied publishers with stories and artwork.

One of those publishers was John Santangelo of Charlton Comics. The comic book business was entering a rocky period with many companies going under and Santangelo decided he wanted to build a stable of writers and artists who’d work primarily in the firm’s plant in Derby, Connecticut. For many, this meant relocating to that area but the deal included a certain stability along with very low rates. Someone once described the terms as “We’ll pay you a third of what the other houses pay but we’ll give you three times as much work.” Santangelo was familiar with Gill’s work (and legendary speed) via Funnies, Inc., and offered Joe a contract. Joe accepted and for the next three decades — until Charlton shut its doors — he was their star scripter, producing thousands of scripts for every kind of comic they published. In a business where some writers were pressed to write a book a week, Gill often produced a finished manuscript in a day.

Date of Birth: July 13, 1919
Date of death: December 17, 2006

Co-created Judomaster and Peacemaker.

As this creator has a variety of pseudonyms, please credit his work to the appropriate name, as linked above.

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1776 (1973)
Abbott & Costello (1968)
ACG Special Collection (2000)
The Action Heroes Archives (2004)
Adventures Into The Unknown! (1990)
Adventures of Dr. Graves (1991)
Adventures of Spencer Spook (1987)
Alice in Comicland (2014)
Attack (1971)
Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library (1973)
Battlefield Action (1957)
Battlefield Action (1980)
Beyond the Grave (1975)
Beyond the Grave (1983)
Billy The Kid (1957)
Black Magic (1950)
Blade of Fear (1976)
Blazing Western (1989)
Blazing Western (1997)
Blue Beetle (1964)
Brides in Love (1956)
Captain Atom (1965)
Career Girl Romances (1964)
Charlton Classics (1980)
Cheyenne Kid (1957)
Cowboy Western (1954)
Crawling Horror (1980)
Creepy Things (1975)
Creepy Things (1977)
Cynthia Doyle, Nurse In Love (1962)
Danger and Adventure (1955)
Davy Crockett (1955)
Death Valley (1955)
Deep Terror (1998)
Der Countess (1996)
Die, Monster, Die! (1966)
Dimension of Doom (1984)
Ditko Monsters: Gorgo! (2013)
Do You Believe In Nightmares (1957)
Doomsday + 1 (1975)
Doomsday +1 (1998)
Doomsday Squad (1986)
E-Man (1973)
Edge of Fear (1984)
Emergency Doctor (1963)
Emergency! (1976)
Emergency! (magazine) (1976)
Fantastic Giants (1966)
The Fightin' 5 (1964)
The Fightin' 5 (1981)
Fightin' Air Force (1956)
Fightin' Army (1956)
Fightin' Army (1982)
Fightin' Marines (1955)
Fightin' Marines (1982)
First Kiss (1957)
Flash Gordon (1969)
Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives (2010)
The Flintstones (Harvey) (1992)
The Flintstones Giant Size (1992)
Foreign Intrigues (1956)
Friday Foster (1972)
Future Shock! (1982)
Gespenster Geschichten (1974)
Get Smart (1966)
Ghost Manor (1968)
Ghost Manor (1971)
Ghostly Haunts (1971)
Ghostly Tales (1966)
Ghosts (1971)
Giant Manga Horror (2001)
Gorgo (1961)
The Green Planet (1962)
Gunmaster (1964)
Gunmaster (1965)
Haunted (1971)
Haunted Love (1973)
Hell Pit (1984)
Hercules (1967)
Hot Wheels (1970)
House of Mystery (1951)
House of Yang (1975)
House Of Yang (1978)
Jim Bowie (1956)
Judomaster (1966)
Jungle Jim (1969)
Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1964)
Just Married (1958)
Konga (1960)
Konga's Revenge (1963)
Konga's Revenge (1968)
Lawbreakers Suspense Stories (1953)
The Lonely One (1989)
Love Diary (1958)
Macabre Destiny (1984)
Magic Moment Romances (1983)
The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics (2008)
The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves (1967)
Maverick Marshal (1958)
Mighty Mouse Adventure Magazine (1987)
Monster Hunters (1975)
Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds (1956)
Nature Boy (1956)
Navy War Heroes (1964)
The New People (1970)
Nukla (1965)
Nurse Betsy Crane (1961)
Orgy of Destruction (1983)
Outlaws of the West (1957)
Peacemaker (1978)
The Peacemaker (1967)
The Phantom (1969)
The Phantom: The Complete Series: The Charlton Years (2012)
Popeye (1969)
Popeye: King Educational Comics Giveaway (1972)
Public Defender in Action (1956)
Pulp Action (1999)
Quick Draw McGraw (1970)
Ramar of the Jungle (1955)
Registered Nurse (1963)
Reptilicus (1961)
Reptisaurus (1962)
The Return of Gorgo (1963)
The Return of Konga (1962)
Romantic Story (1954)
Saigon Chronicles (1998)
Sarge Steel (1964)
Satan's Corpse (1981)
Scary Tales (1975)
Screaming Terror (1983)
Secret Agent (1966)
Secret Hearts (1949)
Secret Romance (1968)
Secret Six (1968)
Secrets of Haunted House (1975)
Shadows from Beyond (1966)
Showcase (1956)
Shriek of Despair (1983)
The Six Million Dollar Man [comic] (1976)
The Six Million Dollar Man [magazine] (1976)
Son of Vulcan (1965)
Space Adventures (1958)
Space Adventures (1968)
Space Adventures (1978)
Space Man (1962)
Space War (1959)
Space: 1999 [magazine] (1975)
Space: 1999: Classic (2012)
The Spirits of Misfortune (1983)
Steve Ditko's 160-Page Charlton Package (1999)
Strange Suspense Stories (1955)
Strange Suspense Stories (1967)
Submarine Attack (1958)
Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses (1962)
Surf n' Wheels (1969)
Teen Confessions (1959)
Terror Under the Sea! (1982)
Texas Rangers In Action (1956)
Texas Rangers In Action (Australian) (1982)
The Thing (1952)
This Magazine Is Haunted (1954)
This Magazine Is Haunted (1957)
Three Nurses (1963)
Thriller Tales (1983)
Time for Love (1967)
Toka (1964)
The Unauthorized Tarzan (2013)
Unexplored Worlds (1982)
Unusual Tales (1955)
Vampire Killers (1983)
Vengeance Squad (1975)
War (1975)
War and Attack (1964)
War and Attack (1966)
War Heroes (1963)
Weird Love (2014)
What is...the Face? (1986)
Wild Frontier (1955)
World of Wheels (1967)
Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal (1956)
Yang (1973)
Yang (1977)
Yang Master of Kung Fu (1982)
The Young Doctors (1963)
Zaza The Mystic (1956)
Zaza the Mystic (1998)


The Comic Book Guide for Artist/Writer/Letterer (1973)

Cover Artist:
Ghostly Tales (1966)

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JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN #1 Comic Charlton 1964 Sam Glanzman Art Joe Gill Story JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN #1 Comic Charlton 1964 Sam Glanzman Art Joe Gill Story $14.00
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