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    Deron Bennett
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Also Credited As:
AndWorld Design

None entered.

Date of Birth:


  • 2012 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best Letterer: (Billy Fog, Jim Henson's Dark Crystal: Creation Myths, Jim Henson's Tale of Sand, Mr. Murder Is Dead (Archaia); Helldorado, Puss N Boots, Richie Rich (APE Entertainment))

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7 Psychopaths (2010)
7 Warriors (2011)
Alganon Quest Online (2011)
Aliens vs. Parker (2013)
Arrow: Season 2.5 [I] (2014)
Arrow: Season 2.5 [II] (2014)
An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O' the Wisp (2013)
Beautiful Scars (2014)
The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye (2013)
Boo Bunny Plague (2014)
BOOM! Studios Halloween Fright Fest (2014)
Cars (2009)
Cars: Adventures Of Tow Mater (2010)
Cars: Radiator Springs (2009)
Cars: The Rookie (2009)
Cartoon Network 2-in-1: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien/Generator Rex (2012)
Cartoon Network Action Pack (2006)
Casper's Scare School (2011)
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers/Darkwing Duck Free Comic Book Day Edition (2011)
Classical Medley (2008)
The Collector (2014)
Country Ass-Whuppin': A Tornado Relief Anthology (2012)
Cyborg 009 (2013)
Dark Axis- Secret Battles of WW2: Rise of the Overmen (2011)
The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths (2011)
Darklight (2014)
Darkwing Duck (2010)
Darkwing Duck/DuckTales: Dangerous Currency (2011)
DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe (2013)
The Devil Does Exist (2005)
Disney-Pixar/Muppets Presents: Cars (2011)
Disney-Pixar/Muppets Presents: Family Reunion (2011)
Disney-Pixar/Muppets Presents: Meet the Muppets (2011)
Disney-Pixar/Muppets Presents: The Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson (2012)
Disney's Hero Squad (2010)
DMC (2014)
Donald Duck (2011)
Donald Duck and Friends (2009)
DuckTales (2011)
Feathers (2015)
Finding Nemo (2010)
The Flash: Season Zero [I] (2014)
The Flash: Season Zero [II] (2014)
Fraggle Rock (2011)
Fraggle Rock: Monsters From Outer Space (2011)
Freakshow (2011)
George R.R. Martin's Meathouse Man (2014)
Hacktivist (2014)
Hawken: Genesis (2012)
Hawken: Melee (2013)
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (2013)
He-Man: The Eternity War (2015)
Helldorado: East eats West (2011)
Hero of Alexandria (2012)
Imagine Agents (2013)
Immortals: Gods And Heroes (2011)
Jim Henson's Tale of Sand (2011)
The Justice League Goes Inside The NBA - All Star Edition (2014)
KiZoic Presents: Sesame Street/Strawberry Shortcake (2013)
Kung Fu Panda (2011)
The Last Broadcast (2014)
Legends of the Dark Knight [I] (2012)
Legends of the Dark Knight 100-Page Super Spectacular (2014)
Line of Defense 3000AD (2012)
Line of Defense 3000AD (2013)
Magnus Robot Fighter (2014)
Masters of the Universe (2012)
Masters Of The Universe: Origin Of Hordak (2013)
Megamind: Bad. Blue. Brilliant. (2011)
Mickey Mouse (2011)
Mickey Mouse and Friends (2009)
Mouse Guard and Other Stories: A Free Comic Book Day Hardcover Anthology (2012)
Mouse Guard, Labyrinth and Other Stories: A Free Comic Book Day Hardcover Anthology (2014)
Mr. Murder Is Dead (2011)
Muppet King Arthur (2009)
Muppet Sherlock Holmes (2010)
The Muppet Show (2009)
The Muppet Show: The Comic Book (2009)
The Muppet Show: The Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson (2009)
Muppet Snow White (2010)
The Muppets Omnibus (2014)
Operation: Broken Wings, 1936 (2011)
Peanuts: Volume Two (2012)
The Penguins of Madagascar (2012)
Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm (2012)
Plunder (2015)
Poison Elves (2013)
Protocol: Orphans (2013)
Quixote (2014)
Ramiel: Wrath Of God (2012)
Revelations (2014)
Richie Rich Gems (2012)
Richie Rich: Rich Rescue (2011)
Rise of the Guardians (2012)
Rocket Salvage (2014)
SCAM (2012)
Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2014)
Scooby-Doo: Where Are You? (2010)
Scooby-Doo! Team-Up (2013)
Seimaden (2005)
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman [I] (2014)
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman [II] (2014)
Sesame Street (2013)
Sharaz-De: Tales From The Arabian Nights (2012)
The Skrumps (2011)
Skylanders (2014)
Space Warped (2011)
Spider-Man Family (2007)
Strawberry Shortcake (2011)
Sunny (2013)
Telara Chronicles (2010)
Tenryu: The Dragon Cycle (2005)
Thomas Alsop (2014)
Tower of the Future (2005)
Toy Story (2009)
Toy Story: Mysterious Stranger (2009)
Toy Story: Tales From The Toy Chest (2010)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (2014)
The Vampire Diaries (2013)
The Vampire Diaries (2014)
Voltron Force (2012)
Wall-E (2009)
Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck (2011)
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (1940)
Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Quack Up (2010)
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Classics: Mouse Tails (2010)
Walt Disney's Valentine's Classics (2010)
Wizards of Mickey (2010)
Wolverine: First Class (2008)
Wordgirl: Coalition of Malice (2011)

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