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    Rachel Edidin
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Rachel Edidin makes comic books for a living, as an assistant editor at a major comics publisher. She is also (in no particular order) a semi-professional freelance writer, a lousy but enthusiastic cellist, an amateur wireworker (making things out of it, not walking on it), and a voracious reader. She enjoys good comics, George Orwell’s nonfiction, the word “linger,” and ugly baby animals.

Date of Birth:


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300: The Art of the Film (2007)
Abe Sapien: The Drowning (2008)
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (2004)
Alabaster Volume 2: Grimmer Tales (2014)
Alabaster: Wolves (2012)
Axe Cop (2011)
Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth (2011)
Axe Cop: President of the World (2012)
B.P.R.D. (2003)
B.P.R.D.: 1946 (2008)
B.P.R.D.: 1947 (2009)
B.P.R.D.: Garden of Souls (2007)
B.P.R.D.: Killing Ground (2007)
B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess (2009)
B.P.R.D.: The Ectoplasmic Man (2008)
B.P.R.D.: The Warning (2008)
B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs (2008)
Bad Houses (2013)
Blessed Thistle (2007)
Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Archives (2009)
Brody's Ghost (2010)
Brody's Ghost: The Midnight Train and Other Tales (2011)
Conan (2003)
Conan and the Midnight God (2007)
Conan: The Frazetta Cover Series (2007)
Creepy (2009)
Creepy Archives (2008)
Dark Horse Presents (2011)
Dawn: The Worlds of Final Fantasy (2009)
Domovoi (2013)
Dragonero (2009)
The Dylan Dog Case Files (2009)
Eerie Archives (2009)
Emily and the Strangers (2013)
Finder (1996)
Free Comic Book Day (2007)
Free Comic Book Day 2012 Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64 / Free Comic Book Day: Star Wars (2012)
Free Comic Book Day and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 ''In Space No One Can Hear You Slay'' / The Guild: Beach'd (2012)
The Goon (2003)
Hellboy Animated: Phantom Limbs (2006)
Hellboy Animated: The Black Wedding (2007)
Hellboy Library Edition (2008)
Hellboy: B.P.R.D. (2008)
Hellboy: Darkness Calls (2007)
Hellboy: Free Comic Book Day (2008)
Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch (2008)
Hellboy: The Companion (2008)
Hellboy: The Crooked Man (2008)
Hellboy: The Crooked Man and Others (2010)
Hellboy: The Golden Army (2008)
Hellboy: The Mole and Other Stories (2008)
Hellboy: They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships (2007)
The Last Dragon (2011)
The Last of Us: American Dreams (2013)
Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus (2007)
Magicman Archives (2008)
The Marquis (2009)
The Messengers (2006)
MySpace Dark Horse Presents (2007)
One for One: Emily and the Strangers (2014)
Pop Wonderland: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (2010)
Pop Wonderland: Cinderella (2010)
Pop Wonderland: Little Red Riding Hood (2009)
Pop Wonderland: Thumbelina (2009)
Shinjuku (2010)
Sir Edward Grey, Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels (2009)
Text and illustrations of The Adventures of Superhero Girl (2013)
Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus (2011)
The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite (2007)
Valve Presents (2011)
Vampire Boy (2010)
The Wednesday Conspiracy (2010)
Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives (2000)

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Searching: Rachel Edidin
The Art of the Last of Us - Naughty Dog Studios (COR)/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)The Art of the Last of Us - Naughty Dog Studios (COR)/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)$25.44
Hellboy 1 - Allie, Scott (EDT)/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)Hellboy 1 - Allie, Scott (EDT)/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)$33.51
Brody's Ghost 4 - Crilley, Mark/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)Brody's Ghost 4 - Crilley, Mark/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)$5.99
Domovoi - Bergting, Peter/ Edidin, Rachel (CON)Domovoi - Bergting, Peter/ Edidin, Rachel (CON)$13.70
The Finder Library 2 - McNeil, Carla Speed/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)The Finder Library 2 - McNeil, Carla Speed/ Edidin, Rachel (EDT)$17.12

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