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Samuel Paré

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2010-02-10 01:56:33 Merrik Last Name Pare Paré
2010-02-10 01:55:48 Merrik Last Name Paré Pare
2010-02-10 01:53:46 Merrik First Name Samuel "Sammy" Samuel
2010-02-10 01:53:46 Merrik Notes He never officially went by the name "Squidboy." He never officially went by the name "Squidboy." (Although to contradict this statement, The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe lists him officially as Squid-Boy).
2009-11-13 20:56:57 rwe1138 First Name Samuel (Sammy) Samuel "Sammy"
2009-11-13 20:48:22 rwe1138 Alias Squidboy
2009-11-13 20:48:22 rwe1138 Notes He never officially went by the name "Squidboy."
2007-11-03 17:35:26 GeoffreyStephens First Name Samuel Samuel (Sammy)
2007-11-03 17:35:26 GeoffreyStephens Last Name Pare Paré
2007-11-03 17:35:26 GeoffreyStephens Powers Underwater breathing. Sammy was a mutant with the ability to speak and breathe underwater. His body had many fish-like characteristics, such as orange scaly skin and a dorsal fin. Sammy had many physical adaptations to allow him to survive underwater, such as gills, webbed feet and hands and a slender frame.
2007-11-03 17:35:26 GeoffreyStephens Bio Sammy Pare' was a 10 year old Canadian boy whose genetic mutation caused him to physically resemble a fish. The physical nature of his mutation caused his classmates to ridicule him. Sammy considered using a gun he had obtained to shoot his tormentors, but before he could do so was visited by Professor X and the Beast, who recruited him to enroll at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in New York. Sammy,with his parents' approval, chose to enroll at the school for mutants in order to pursue an education free from persecution. On the return trip to the Institute, Professer X took a detour to Ireland to aid in an X-men mission at Cassidy Keep. Sammy saved Juggernaut (Cain Marko) from a certain death from drowning in the ocean, which began a friendship between the two. Cain subsuquently reformed and became a surrogate father to Sammy, who also became friends with Carter Ghazikhanian and Icarus from the New Mutants. Sammy's mother eventually found out about his relationship with Cain and called upon the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight to bring the boy home. Sometime after Sammy's departure, Juggernaut suspected that Sammy's father Claude was physically abusing him. Cain, who had suffered similar abuse at the hands of his own father, decided to visit Sammy to investigate. When he and Northstar arrived at Sammys home in Vancouver they found the boy covered in bruises. Cain snapped and beat Claude severely, destroying the Pare' home in the process. He was subdued by the intervention of Alpha Flight. When Cain was subsuquently incarcerated for violating his parole Sammy's mother testified on his behalf. After Juggernaut's release, Sammy returned to the Institute with his mother, who entertained the thought of a romantic relationship with Cain. Later, the Juggernaut infiltrated the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, working as a double agent for the X-Men. When Sammy stumbled upon the a meeting of the group outside the school grounds, he assumed that Juggernaut had betrayed the X-Men and lashed out at him. One of the members of the group, Black Tom Cassidy, used his control over plants to cause a group of vines to distort and crush Sammy's body, mortally wounding him. With his last breath, Sammy told Cain that he hated him for what he'd done, then died. Sammy's death caused Cain to snap again and attack the Brotherhood, who were then subdued with the help of the other X-Men. Although the Brotherhood was defeated, guilt over Sammy's death troubles Cain to this day.
2006-11-08 12:51:10 pantsthemonkey New Character

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