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Kid Avenger

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-01-24 10:51:38 SargeDargon Bio In the distant future, circa 6419, the world was beginning to end due to both global pollution and alien invasions. A young man named Mark Osborn decided to break the law, seeing as how it would not really affect anyone, and commandeers a time-machine. He programs in his destination, the 1970s, which he has memorized huge amounts of trivia and he hopes to use his knowledge to earn a fortune. Unfortunately, the time machine's digital readout had a couple of burned out lights and he ended up ariving in the 1990s instead, an era he knew next to nothing about. Mark found himself aiding the city of Detroit´s premiere superhero, Kill-Cat, by utilizing his armor, a necessity in the future to survive. A villain named the Cement Man is defeated for the local authorities to take away, leaving Kill-Cat to offer his newfound ally the opportunity to become his partner, the Kid Avenger. The bungling team of the Deadly Duo was formed and they somehow managed to defeat a number of supervillains; the Annhilators, Gator and Man-Eater, Laff-A-Lot, Radiator, Fusion and Neutron Bob. After a couple of years fighting crime in Detroit, the Deadly Duo were drawn in by SuperPatriot to aid with the rebellion against the Martian invaders. They were teamed with the hero´s children, Liberty and Justice, along with the escape artist called Labman. The group infiltrated the Martian stronghold on Earth where the Kid Avenger attempted to destroy the facility by overloading it´s power source. Things did not go to plan when the resulting explosion was directed outside and incinerated the entire city of Detroit, killing the local villains and all of their friends. Without a city to call home, the two relocated to Chicago and continued their own brand of superheroing in this adopted home. Kid Avenger was soon recruited by the Dragon to join the new government team: Special Operations Strikeforce and he abandoned his partner to join up with the group. This membership was ended nearly two years later after it was revealed that Kid Avenger was responsible for the destruction of Godworld, and the exile of ten thousand immortal beings to Earth. Rock, the team´s leader, fired the young man, leading him to rejoining his old partner Kill-Cat. The Deadly Duo´s most recent mission was to aid in the evacuation of various abducted superpowered children that the villainous Covenant of the Sword had taken. Joined with Brute Force, Vanguard and the two remaining Vicious Circle members, PowerHouse and Fever, the heroes came to the aid of the Dragon. Although Dragon was apparently slain, it can be assumed that his allies managed to reclaim the children.
2007-01-24 10:51:38 SargeDargon Notes Due to more and more mixed marriages, there's only one race in the far future. Mark's skin is naturally golden brown.
2006-05-18 20:22:31 SargeDargon New Character

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