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Headsman (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2015-01-12 12:58:18 crimson78 Alias Headsman Headsman (Marvel)
2015-01-12 12:58:18 crimson78 Notes Revealed his true name in Thunderbolts 134. Revealed his true name in Thunderbolts (1997) #134. Was killed by Scourge in Thunderbolts (1997) #140.
2009-07-30 01:17:38 DrNick201 Notes Revealed his true name in Thunderbolts 134.
2009-07-29 22:36:59 rwe1138 First Name Cleavon
2009-07-29 22:36:59 rwe1138 Last Name Twain
2008-02-14 18:12:02 misterpace Powers The Headsman wore a power pack which enhanced his strength. He also wielded an immense axe, and flew on a disc-shaped hovercraft.
2008-02-14 18:12:02 misterpace Bio The Headsman was equipped with technology devised by Norman Osborn so that it could be tested in the field, although the Headsman never knew who his employer was. Osborn sent the Headsman to Benson's Department Store where Spider-Man was fighting the Enforcers so that he could help them escape capture. The Headsman held Spider-Man back, and presented the Enforcers with an address, telling them to meet him there at 10 PM that evening and to exit the scene while he took care of Spider-Man. The Headsman slashed his axe at Spider-Man's face, and tore open his mask. Fearful of being recognized, Spider-Man fled the scene. The Headsman met the Enforcers at Osborn Chemicals, apparently to rendezvous with Norman Osborn, but Norman's son Harry saw them approach the factory, and set off a flare gun that brought Spider-Man to the scene. The four villains attacked Spider-Man together, but were unable to strike him. Spider-Man managed to short out the Headsman's power pack, rendering his axe useless. The Headsman fled the scene, while the Enforcers were defeated and recaptured. Having repaired his power pack, the Headsman allied himself with the criminal Lucky Lobo, and promised to kill Spider-Man for him in order to prove his worth. The Headsman believed he had slain Spider-Man after burying him under the rubble of a building, but Spider-Man survived. He set after Spider-Man again, and their battle led to an artist's studio, where the Headsman nearly crushed Jason Ionello, Flash Thompson and Liz Allan under a sculpture. While Spider-Man saved them, the Headsman prepared for another attack-- only to be assaulted by the Green Goblin, who revealed himself as the Headsman's employer. Annoyed at the Headsman's use of his technology, the Green Goblin destroyed his power pack and knocked him unconscious. He was later found by Spider-Man and turned over to the police.
2007-09-26 11:48:03 DrNick201 New Character

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