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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2008-02-28 17:06:15 misterpace Bio Miek is a member of planet Sakaar's native race of insectoids. When he was young his father and most of his hive are attacked and killed by local Imperials, forcing Miek to flee underground. He is freed, as an outcast slave, during Hulk's battle with the Red King, the despotic ruler of Sakaar. Miek follows the Hulk and several other powerful entities, as they are part of the 'Warbound'. Miek and the others had formed a bond of brotherhood during a session of forced gladitorial games under the command of the Red King. Miek and the Warbound end up in the village where his father was slain; welcomed guests after protecting the town from rampaging robots. The Warbound discover the town is keeping Miek's siblings and several of his species as slaves. They are freed and the town is abandoned. Miek's people join the Warbound as allies. Miek forms a bond with a Brood Queen known as "No-Name," due to their insect nature. Within a short time Miek's undergoes a metamorphosis and evolves into a giant heavily armored "King" version of his race. The Warbound and their allies attempt to protect a larger town from the threat of the 'Spikes', an alien race that overwhelms and feeds upon any biological form they can find. Unfortunately this town is also keeping a slave, specifically the last egg-laying queen of Miek's race. The Queen becomes one of the victims of the Spikes, though she lasts some time due to willpower. Eventually she is put down as self-defense. Miek is given a position of leadership as the Hulk and his fellow allies, Hiroim and Caiera attempt to gain the allegiance of the latter two's people. Miek is one of the few survivors when the shuttle that had brought Hulk to Sakarr explodes, devestating the world. The World War Hulk storyline details Hulk's revenge on the people he believes responsible for the death of Sakaar and his wife and child. Miek comes into conflict with the Hulk's old friend Rick Jones over the Hulk's actions, both of them believing that they know what the Hulk 'should' be as a hero. The two agree to disagree and help their friends in their own way, although Miek has brought Jones to the Madison Square Gardens arena to witness the defeat of the four Illuminati members responsible for banishing the Hulk. Miek's hivelings are used by Mung the Inconceivable, but the Punisher killed many of them as well as Mung himself in single combat. The Hulk is defeated by the superhero Sentry, reverting back to his Bruce Banner persona. In an attempt to bring the Hulk back, Miek attempts to stab Bruce but instead impales Rick. According to writer Greg Pak, "Miek was aiming for Bruce to force him to turn back into the Hulk and finish the destruction that Miek believes is the Hulk's entire reason for being. Miek doesn't see that as hurting the Hulk he sees it as fulfilling his Warbound oath by helping the Hulk become who he's destined to become... Miek believes the time has come for all things to end, for the Worldbreaker to wash away this world of hate and pain so that the next thing can come." This succeeds in enraging Banner and turning him back into the Hulk. The Hulk stabs Miek and continues to beat him up, which is what Miek wanted. When the other Warbound members triy stopping the Hulk, Miek reveales how he had seen the Red King's people load an old warp core onto the shuttle, which had caused the explosion that destroyed Sakaar. Desiring to remind the Hulk that he is a warrior and not a peacemaker, he kept that information secret. When a horrified No-Name attacks Miek, pointed out how millions had been killed, Miek says "We all *kik* *kik* must die. All this *kik* passing, so the next *kik* thing can come... so the worldbreaker... can finally make an end." When the Hulk becomes so enraged that he begins to lose control, he tells Iron Man to "Do it. Before I break the world!" Iron Man activates a series of satellite devices that opens fire and eventually leaves the Hulk in his Bruce Banner form, unconscious. During this, a weakened Miek screams "No, Hulk! You can't let him!" Miek is next seen imprisoned in SHIELD's Negative Zone prison, angry at the Warbound for trying to save him and believing that they had betrayed the Hulk. In the series "Warbound", issue 1, Miek, still in the Zone, reveals to SHIELD agent Kate Waynesboro that he believes the Hulk was destined to destroy everyone and everything, including his fellow Warbound members; that the Warbound were wrong to fight this. He also tells the agent a story of Elloe Kaifi, fellow Warbound, claiming that as a child, Elloe betrayed a member of Meik's race in order to capture even more members.
2007-04-06 19:51:26 IndieRockLance New Character

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