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Wonder Girl (DC)(Pre Crisis)(Diana)
Real Name: Princess Diana of the Amazons
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In the same way that Superboy was originally "Superman as a boy", Wonder Girl was originally Wonder Woman as a girl. And just as Donna Troy's stint as Wonder Girl occurred both on Earth-1 and the post-Crisis Earth, Princess Diana's Wonder Girl stories occur mostly on Earth-2, but some can be said to have occurred on Earth-1.

The 1960s were a particularly confusing time for this character. Some of that confusion arises from the fact that Wonder Woman, being one of the few characters to remain in publication from the Golden Age to the Silver Age, never had a very clear cut-off between her Earth-2 and Earth-1 versions. Indeed, it's an open question whether or not the immortal Amazons are affected in the same way by DC's various Crises as DC's mortal characters.

Additionally, throughout the 1960s, this Wonder Girl was mostly used in stories that were explicitly imaginary. As the canon goes, Hippolyta had a "magic movie editor" by which she was able to splice together the "movie" of Diana's life. Using this device, she was able to displace Diana from her own time line, and essentially create stories in which Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and Wonder Tot, though the same person, appeared together. (Hippolyta was incidentally able to bring together different versions of herself at different ages into these stories, just to make things even more confusing.)

Then there's the way in which Donna Troy came into the DCU. It's a little known fact that Troy's first appearance was quite accidental. The character probably never would have come into existence had the writer of her first appearance, Bob Haney, actually been a careful reader of Wonder Woman (1942). He believed that the Wonder Girl depicted there was a different person—in the same way that Kid Flash and Aqualad were distinct from The Flash and Aquaman. Thus, he included an un-named "Wonder Girl" in the pages of The Brave and the Bold #60 without giving the matter a great deal of thought. He even had the temerity to include Wonder Woman in his story, which would've caused faithful readers of Wonder Woman a great deal of confusion at the time. Worse, DC was quite slow to resolve the matter in some way. It wasn't until Teen Titans #22 (four years later) that this Wonder Girl got a name and an origin of her own. And thus began DC's long problems with defining Donna Troy.

It also marked the unceremonious end to Diana as Wonder GIrl. Fearing further confusion, Diana's youthful days were simply abandoned in the mid-60s.

That said, Diana as Wonder Girl is a somewhat useful character in determining a fuzzy "break point" between Earth-1 and Earth-2 Wonder Woman stories. In a way similar to how Superboy (Clark Kent) nails a story to Earth-1, Wonder Girl (Diana) almost always indicates that the story occurred on Earth-2.

First Appearance: Wonder Woman (1942) #23

Other Identities:
Wonder Tot (DC)(Pre Crisis)(Diana)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)

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Issue Appearances:
Wonder Woman (1942)

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