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Thomas 'Tommy' Tomorrow (DC)(Post Crisis)

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To speak of a "post-Crisis" Tommy Tomorrow is to invite debate and controversy. He's been referred to but not really seen in any major way.

According to DC-generated character profiles—and little else—he is the amalgamation of several different characters that lived on several different Earths. Basically, when the Crisis was over, and DC started publishing Who's Who titles to try to bring everyone up to speed on the impact of the Crisis, they said that the "new" Tommy Tomorrow would be the one-Earth legacy of the original Tommy Tomorrow (who was ostensibly in the future of the Earth-2 universe, relative to the main body of DC super-heroes), the short-lived Showcase Earth-1 reboot, and, oddly, Kamandi, of an unspecified, pre-Crisis Earth.

Most directly, he's been described as who Kamandi became after the Crisis stole the 1986 nuclear holocaust that created the reality in which Kamandi existed.

But, after announcing who the character was, DC promptly put the character in a box and never meaningfully re-opened it.

In perhaps the most tantalizing clue about his existence, Starman of the 853d century (from the DC 1,000,000 event) said that there was a Tommy Tomorrow who became the Starman of his time. Maybe this is the same character, but DC has never acted upon this 1998 tidbit.

As of 2006, there hasn't been a genuine appearance of a post-Crisis Tommy Tomorrow, except in an apocryphal work by Howard Chaykin. The 1990 series, Twilight, did feature a Tommy Tomorrow, of sorts, but most fans discount this as a "genuine" Tommy Tomorrow. So, Hypertime Tommy aside, Captain Tomorrow would appear to be very much a character of yesterday.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
DCU: Legacies (2010)

History of the DC Universe (1986)
Magog (2009)
The Brave and the Bold (2007)
Twilight (1990)

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