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Real Name:
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Krogg is a powerful demon that is capable of breathing hell fire and sucking the life-force out of his victims to replenish his own strength.

When completely imprisoned, Krogg's power is absolutely nullified in every way.

Krogg is a powerful demon, an elemental force that is invisible to the human eye and requires a host-body to gain substance in the human world. He was summoned by a warlock named Amos Treach, who thought he could make Krogg a servant to his will. He was mistaken and Krogg went on a days long killing spree, draining the life force from many men. Know that Krogg's power was nullified when he was imprisoned, Treach built a locked room deep within a cave in the forest and tricked Krogg into entering. He slammed the door shut with them both on the inside, Treach literally sacrificing his life, dying within the chamber, to ensure Krogg did not escape.

Jack Russell, aka Werewolf by Night, after escaping a powerful mind reader from a travelling circus who planned to sacrifice him ended up in the same forest as Krogg. When the sun rose, Jack resumed his human form, and knowing there was one more day left on the full moon, didn't want to go back into the city for fear he would hurt someone when he transformed during the night. He sought shelter in the cave and discovered the chamber door. Using the tools left behind, he smashed open the door and found Treach's diary. Figuring there was no demon in the chamber, he drifted to sleep and slept the entire day away until the full moon rose and transformed him into Werewolf by Night once more.

Krogg in the meantime, used the body of a small rabbit that followed Jack into the chamber and once again took form. He found Werewolf by Night and the two battle, Krogg trying to consume his life force. Werewolf by Night was able to run back into the cave after the battle, closely followed by Krogg. As Krogg blasted his hellfire towards Russell, he dove out of the way, and the powerful blast hit the roof of the ancient chamber, bringing it down on top of Krogg. Werewolf by Night ran off into the forest looking to feed thinking Krogg imprisoned again. From beneath the rubble, the small rabbit emerged, laced with the sound of demonic laughter.


First Appearance: Werewolf by Night (1972) #8

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Issue Appearances:
Werewolf by Night (1972)

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