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Malcolm (Marvel)(Arms of Salvation)
Real Name: Malcolm
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Malcolm was an "employee" of the black market organization group Arms of Salvation. The group specialized in finding donor organs for the largest possible sum of money. It didn't matter if the donor was willing or unwilling, the organs were to be had. The survival of the donor wasn't very important to the organization either.

After Firestar's farther Bart Jones was severely injured in a battle with Spiral and Freedom Force, she brought him to the hospital where Malcolm worked. Malcolm knew of Firestar as his boss, Cross, had tried to capture one of Firestar's friends earlier in the day, Meg Fallon, but had been defeated by Firestar. When Malcolm realized the situation, that Firestar's father now needed donor organs, he called Cross right away. They relayed to Firestar that they could get the organs her father needed to recover from his injuries (without telling her how) but they needed her to capture Mystique as they now knew she was a shape changer and thought that could prove vital to their organization.

The organ donor they were able to match to Firestar's father, was in fact the father of Firestar's friend Meg.

In the end, the combined forces of Firestar and Freedom Force were able to defeat Arms of Salvation and destroy their operation and everyone recovered nicely or was freed. Although it's not shown, it's assumed that Malcolm was either taken into custody, or without bosses, couldn't really carry on Arms of Salvation on his own.


First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #83

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel Comics Presents (1988)

Group Affiliation(s):
Arms of Salvation

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