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Cassie Sandusky

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Cassie was the main school bully at Angelica Jones' (Firestar) new school. Angelica was forced to move constantly because of her father's work, so she was always being bullied and picked on for being the new girl. The first day she arrived, Cassie and her friends Eve and Martha targeted her, but when the school hunk, Chuckie, whom Cassie had a massive crush on, took a liking to Angelica, all bets were off.

It was over the course of the next few months with the constant bullying from Cassie, Eve and Martha that Angelica's mutant powers first manifested. After Cassie and the girls smashed an ice sculpture Angelica had been working on for a school contest, Angelica's powers flared up and she melted all the ice sculptures. Terrified, she ran home. A few days later, Emma Frost aka The White Queen arrived at Angelica's doorstep, ready to recruit her into becoming an assassin for The Hellfire Club (Angelica of course went on to become a member of the super hero groups The New Warriors, The Avengers, The X-Men & The Young Allies as the incredibly powerful Firestar).

Years later, Firestar's father Bart started dating Cassie's mother, Janet Sandusky. This of course meant a meeting face to face between Angelica and Cassie. Cassie in the interim had not had the greatest life. She got married before she knew who she really was, was completely blindsided when her husband wanted a divorce and then came after her for absolutely everything, and she decided to drown her sorrows in a bottle. The tormentor had become the tormented. As much as Angelica had wanted this through out her life, to see the bully that treated her so badly get her comeuppance, it just didn't sit well with her.

She found Cassie at a bar one night, drunk. Cassie threw her drink on Angelica and laughed, calling her a loser just like the old days. It was then that Angelica revealed to Cassie that she was the super hero Firestar. Cassie ran and jumped in her car and drove away. Seeing how drunk she was, Firestar went after her and brought the car to a stop.

The two, in front of a roaring fire to warm up and sober up, shared stories. Cassie realized they had more in common than she thought, as Angelica revealed to her that she was still going through chemo for the breast cancer that had almost killed her. Deciding to turn her life around, Cassie entered rehab.

Only her first name was given in Firestar #1 in 1986. It was 24 years later in the Firestar One-Shot published in 2010 that her last name was finally revealed.

First Appearance: Firestar (1986) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Firestar (1986)
Firestar (2010)

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