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Scientist (Marvel)(Men of Machus)
Real Name:
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Scientist was an "ally", or as close of an ally as one could be, to Mahkizmo. Mahkizmo has been defeated previously by Thundra and The Thing of The Fantastic Four, seemingly killed. It was his death, through the malfunction of his nuclear punch when Thundra and The Thing struck him, that broke down the barrier between his world of Machus and Thundra's of Femizonia, causing the two worlds to fuse and for the men and women to peacefully co-exist (something that was extraordinarily unusual for the residents of both planets).

Mahkizmo managed to survive however as an intangible cloud, floating through the air, aware of his condition and aware of the condition of his planet, which disgusted him as he believed males to be the superior species and that they should rule over the women. Somehow he was able to actually enter the body of a male on his planet and reshape it to his own so that he could live again.

He then enlisted the help of Scientist, a brilliant man of his world. Scientist built what they came to call the "Gender Bomb". It was designed so that when it "detonated" it would affect only females, aging them 364 years in the span of hours. Mahkizmo planned to go back in time on Earth and detonate the bomb so that all females would die, Femizonia would not come to pass in it's alternate future and his planet would never merge, leaving the men of his alternate future the ruling species.

In good ol' misogynistic fashion, he also sought to humiliate the most powerful female on the planet, which brought him into conflict with She-Hulk. As the two battled, She-Hulk's boyfriend, Wyatt Wingfoot went to enlist the aid of The Thing, knowing that he had fought Mahkizmo previously.

Behind the scenes, the Olympian gods of Venus and her son Cupid (Eros), had made a bet. That he would not be able to find a suitable mate for the most heinous male Venus could find. Venus found Mahkizmo, and Cupid was convinced She-Hulk would be a powerful enough mate for him. He meant to shoot She-Hulk with one of his arrows, but instead he hit Mahkizmo, who instantly fell in love with She-Hulk and took her back to his planet/time. Wyatt and The Thing soon followed. Their arrival on the merged planet of Machus and Femizonia wreaked havoc as the men and women began to remember and battle each other ruthlessly. Together She-Hulk and The Thing were able to defeat Mahkizmo, where Scientist then explained the plan to everyone.

After hearing Scientist's explanation, She-Hulk quickly explained to Mahkizmo what would happen if he went back in time and killed all the females of the planet... that the human race would end as we know it, and his timeline would never come to be. In essence, he was planning on destroying everything. The truth slowly dawned on him as She-Hulk, The Thing and Wyatt left for home and left Scientist and Mahkizmo behind.

Scientist appears to possibly be his actual name as well. He's referred to as "Scientist" by at least a couple of characters. Considering the other prominent male from his planet is named Mahkizmo, and they're a planet of barbarians and warriors where as he has vast intelligence, Scientist wouldn't exactly be an out of the question name for him to have.

First Appearance: The Sensational She-Hulk (1989) #34

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Issue Appearances:
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)

Group Affiliation(s):
Men of Machus

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