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Montgomery H. Price

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Montgomery H. Price is a devil's advocate... literally. He's an agent for Mephisto, as well as a lawyer. It's Price's job to have potential clients sign their very specific contracts with Mephisto for whatever they may be willing to "sell their soul to the devil" for.

After She-Hulk forgot to file her quarterly reports, she was in extreme debt to the IRS. Talking to her friend Weezi, she offhandedly mentioned that she'd strike a deal with the devil himself if he could make her rich. Enter: Montogomery H. Price

Using his distinct powers of persuasion (which seemed to be some sort of mixture of hypnosis, magic and the use of some sort of suggestive smell) he was able to get She-Hulk to sign an absolutely ridiculous contract for a vast amount of money, ensuring her a $50,000 non-refundable signing fee up front, and all it asked for in return was that She-Hulk sell her soul to Mephisto if revenue in her name generated a billion dollars in one year. Half under his spell, half convinced that could never happen, She-Hulk signed the contract.

Unbeknownst to her, there was also a morality clause in the contract, as well as a decency clause, a non-injury clause etc. etc. All the things she could do as a super hero, she was no longer allowed to do. Mephisto sent a small band of his minions to ensure that She-Hulk broke none of the clauses in the contract no matter how hard she tried.

Meanwhile Price, in a single day using contacts of souls previously sold to the devil, was able to generate a billion dollars of revenue in She-Hulk's name. She-Hulk, realizing that there was something that could break the contract, sent Weezi to get Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch and bring with him the magazine that he reads with the green glasses, saying he would know what she was referring to.

She-Hulk refused to sign the contract, trying to stall for time until the Torch could get to her, but also in the contract, She-Hulk had signed power of attorney over to Price. As Price was about to sign the contract in She-Hulk's name, The Human Torch showed up with a magazine that had illegally taken naked photographs of She-Hulk while she was sunbathing one day on top of the Baxter Building. She tried to have the publishing of the photographs stopped, but was unable to. Luckily for her, the photographs were printed in Caucasian flesh tones (a storyline from Fantastic Four #275), but all the same, it broke the decency clause in the contract and She-Hulk's soul was safe. Mephisto and Price had been defeated. In addition, the $50,000 signing bonus was non-refundable, so She-Hulk now had the money to pay the IRS.


First Appearance: The Sensational She-Hulk (1989) #28

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Issue Appearances:
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)

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