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Jackhammer (Marvel)
Real Name:
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Super-human strength and durability.

His “hammers” worn on each hand are able to deliver powerful vibratory shocks that increase the concussive force of his punches.

Jackhammer, although a costumed agent, was the division leader of the engineering section of HYRDA when it was under the leadership of Silvermane, helping to have built its base underneath Shea Stadium. When the organization arranged the kidnapping of Foggy Nelson, at the time one of New York’s District Attorneys, Daredevil tracked the culprits to their headquarters, with the Black Widow and SHIELD close behind. Jackhammer was among

those who confronted Daredevil but was bested by the hero, the base destroyed.

At some point, Jackhammer left HYDRA to pursue his own interests. He received treatment from Power Broker, Inc. to gain superhuman strength. He was later seen making romantic advances in public toward the woman wrestler Poundcakes, but when Poundcakes’ rebuff threatened the peace of the first date between Captain America and Diamondback, Diamondback’s friends Anaconda Asp and Black Mamba beat the two into unconsciousness.

Power Broker’s Dr. Karl Malus formed a team called the Power Tools with Jackhammer and other recipients of his treatments, ordering them to capture Battlestar so that Malus could test a reversal process of his strength-augmentation procedure. Ethan Thurm, a reporter investigating Power Broker, Inc., was interviewing Battlestar when the villains attacked, and Battlestar was only defeated once Jackhammer took Thurm hostage. Battlestar, Red Zeppelin, and others of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation were de-powered, but the U.S.Agent interrupted, defeating the Power Tools and forcing Malus to re-power Battlestar and the others. The Power Tools reappeared, however, in attendance at a weapon expo hosted by A.I.M. They were among those who fought Captain America who had infiltrated the scene, although he managed to escape.

Between these events, Jackhammer left the Power Tools only once: to join under Doctor Octopus in a version of the Masters of Evil. The group attempted to storm the mansion headquarters of the Avengers when the team was away on a mission. Unknown to the villains, this feat was made easier due to the fact that many of Earth’s super-powered individuals were being replaced by monstrous doppelgangers of themselves. The Masters of Evil were thwarted by the Guardians of the Galaxy who were visiting the mansion, but both teams were forced to band together to fight their doppelgangers. After defeating them all, Dr. Octopus hoped to continue the battle against the Guardians, but Jackhammer and the others refused to turn on the heroes who had helped them survive and disbanded after forcing Dr. Octopus to flee.
More recently, Jackhammer joined a new version of the Masters of Evil, organized by the Crimson Cowl. He was among their number when they attempted to blackmail the world with the threat of a weather-manipulating machine but was defeated by the Thunderbolts. Jackhammer, with the others, was remanded to custody


First Appearance: Daredevil (1964) #123

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Issue Appearances:
Captain America (1968)
Daredevil (1964)
Guardians of the Galaxy (1990)
Union Jack (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Hydra (Marvel)
Masters of Evil (Marvel)
Power Tools

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