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One-Eye (ElfQuest)
Real Name: Woodhue
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Soulname Sur. Brother of Longbranch; lifemate of Clearbrook; father of unnamed daughter and Scouter.

One-Eye had another name, long ago; for a long time it was not revealed. We now know it was Woodhue. He gained his new soubriquet after his right eye was put out by humans. Rain the Healer could only seal the wound, not replace the eye. Needless to say, this began a lifelong hatred and distrust of humans. Loyal to Cutter, although he still considered Cutter a cub, One-Eye never questioned Cutter's judgments; Cutter was chief and that was that. One-Eye was fierce in battle, especially when his cub, Scouter or his lifemate, Clearbrook were endangered.

One-Eye was killed by a Frozen Mountain troll but his actual passing was anything but swift: at the moment his soul tried to leave the body, the Preserver Petalwing sealed him in wrapstuff. This trapped him on the point of death, unable to make an end of it. Days later, deep in the troll caverns where his body had been carried, Leetah sensed that body and soul were still together, and tried desperately to save him. The result was a "living death" - she was able to give life back to the body, but One-Eye's spirit fled to the Palace. Not until three years later, when Clearbrook made true peace with his passing, was One-Eye's body released to death.


First Appearance: Fantasy Quarterly (1978) #1

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Abenteuer in der Elfenwelt (1984)
ElfQuest (1978)
ElfQuest (1985)
ElfQuest Archives (2004)
ElfQuest: 25th Anniversary Special (2003)
ElfQuest: Bedtime Stories (1994)
ElfQuest: Graphic Novel Series (1993)
ElfQuest: Kings of the Broken Wheel (1990)
ElfQuest: New Blood (1992)
Elfquest: The Grand Quest (2004)
Elfquest: Wolfrider (2003)
Fantasy Quarterly (1978)

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