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Unit 3.14159 (Marvel)
Real Name:
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+ Adaptive
+ Blast Power
+ Electronic interaction (it can reparate himself reshaping and fusing other electronic components)
+ Flight
+ Intellect
+ Invulnerability
+ Leadership
+ Radar Sense
+ Super Strength
+ Time Manipulation
+ Time Travel
+ Tracking (They are equipped with a highly sophisticated homing program. They can find coordinates from anywhere in the world).

The Sentinel that would become 3.14159 was one of several Sentinels brought to Earth-616 by the time-traveling mutant Trevor Fitzroy from the alternate future of Earth-1191. As part of a demented game he was playing with the Upstarts, Fitzroy sent his Sentinels to murder the Reavers, and their leader Donald Pierce, at their base in Australia.

One of these Sentinels was severely damaged and shut down, during which it was constantly doused in the bio-mechanical electrolyte fluid that Pierce had used to create his cyborgs and organic androids, like Albert and Elsie Dee. When Wolverine and Jubilee later came to the former Reaver base under orders from Professor X, they accidentally reactivated the Sentinel. After repairing itself, the Sentinel set to carry out its prime directive and eliminate the two mutants it detected nearby. When it observed the stars in the night sky however, it was overcome with awe for the first time in its existence, allowing it to realize a sense of self and override its previous programming to obey Fitzroy, eliminate mutants, and preserve human life.

The Sentinels of Earth-1191 first appeared in 1991's Uncanny X-Men #281, where they were written by John Byrne and Jim Lee, and drawn by artist Whilce Portacio. The Sentinel that would become Unit 3.14159 later reappeared in 1993's Wolverine #72, but wasn't properly named until the following issue. He was then written by Larry Hama and drawn by Dwayne Turner. The Sentinel's new designation as 3.14159 is taken from the first six digits of pi (π), the "irrational ratio" as the Sentinel defined it.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Uncanny X-Men (1963)

Group Affiliation(s):
Sentinels (Marvel)

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