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Nemesis (Marvel)(04 - Amelia Weatherly)
Real Name: Amelia Weatherly
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Nemesis is the living embodiment of the spirit of retribution, the full extent of her abilities were never stated. Being technically "dead", Nemesis body continues to function strictly as a result of her physical connection to the Scell

Flight: Her sword grants Nemesis the ability of flight, however, it was never stated how fast her top speed while flying is.

Longevity: Scell has allowed her to live an extended life, using the life force of those she kills. Her current age is not known, but apparently she has been to hell twice. She was shown to be an adult in Chicago during the Prohibition as well as she was arounf during World War One. It is no known how long she had been alive prior to this era. Also as stated by Nemesis it's not required for her to eat to survive.
Onyx Sword (aka Scell): Referred to as her Soul Sword. It one atom thick and capable of slicing through virtually any substance. If she is separated from her sword, her body begins to deteriorate. As her sword is magical it enables her accomplish many mystical feats. Her blade is forged of prometheum, is in and of itself a living metal which needs a non-living entity as a vessel to allow it to move around As Nemesis puts it "My blade is magical, magic trumps science." She is very skilled with the blade even besting the master swordsman the Ebon Samurai. Against the Wrecker their weapons were even and he was shocked that his crowbar didn't break her blade. She proved she was more skilled, faster and sliced his chest open. Her skill is so great with the blade, she sliced Deadly Ernest into multiple peices in "less than a second".

Speed: Nemesis possesses superhuman speed easily evading Kane's mutliple gun fire blasts while she was flying as well as showing such speed cutting Deadly Ernest into multple peices in a blink of an eye.

Teleportation: The sword grants Nemesis or others of her choosing to be teleported to her desired place. This ability was never fully explained or her limit.

Time-Travel: Nemesis is able to use her sword Scell to open portals through time, however in order to do so, she requires a blood sacrifice of one who has been to the time-line in question. Nemesis stabs the one person for the destined time and then another to send that person back. Before reaching their destination they go to a weigh-station--somewhere between life and death. Here they see their greatest fear, shame, love or lust. Here all secrets are revealed and whoever is sent back relives memories or desires. Nemesis is present and observes this. When they reach their desired time they won't remember the weigh-station, but Nemesis will. As Nemesis says about the weigh-station, "I am this place, and it is me"

When Alpha Flight's members, Northstar and Aurora came across the villainous Deadly Ernest (Ernest St Ives), they were assisted by the mysterious being who called herself Nemesis. When together they defeated St Ives, Northstar unmasked Nemesis, thinking she was Danielle Belmonde, the daughter of an old friend of his. The face under the mask however was engraved with the anguish of the world, with terrible lifeless eyes. It was implied at this time that she was the daughter of Deadly Ernest.

When the threat of Deadly Ernest returned, so did the enigmatic Nemesis. In a battle involving all of Alpha Flight, St Ives used his "Death Touch" on Northstar, Aurora, Box I and Madison Jeffries. Nemesis gave up her sword to Puck, so that she could mystically use the life forces of others who had fallen victim to Ernest to keep them from death. When Puck used the Soul Sword to slay Ernest, it recaptured the life forces he had stolen. Nemesis was then able to restore the lives of those fallen in the battle. Once St Ives was defeated, Nemesis stated that her task was complete, and as she apparently withered to dust, said she was the daughter of St Ives. Alpha Flight thought this was the end of Nemesis, not being aware of her ability to teleport.

Much later Nemesis emerged again, this time leading a group of super powered beings called Gamma Flight II, which was a government sanctioned force, intended to replace Alpha Flight. After a few scuffles, the two teams were forced to work side by side, and eventually Gamma Flight II was disbanded. Several members of Gamma Flight joined with Alpha Flight, however Nemesis did not, but rather vanished again, with Wild Child, in a cloud of dust.

When Weapon Omega was seeking information on his identity, he sough out Nemesis, who had helped him in his transformation from Wild Child. She had been leading a band of sewer children called The Children of the Night. When Omega arrived he found a mutual enemy of his and Nemesis, Roc, had captured Nemesis, and taken control of The Children of the Night. With Assistance from Alpha Flight, Roc was defeated, and Nemesis joined forces with them until the team later disbanded.

Since that time, Alpha Flight has reformed, however Nemesis had no involvement until the core Alpha Flight members were captured by the alien race, The Plodex. In recruiting members for a strike force to save his teammates, Walter Langkowski's eye turned to Nemesis. Cashing in the last of his official government favors, Langkowski had Nemesis brought to an old Department H lab. There he injected her with nano-technology, and attached a device to her spine. He used these means to control the otherwise erratic and potentially dangerous Nemesis. Should she attempt to harm an innocent, or dislodge the device, she would be flooded with neo-floxins that would be capable of permanently severing her connection to the Soul Sword. Since it is the sword that gives the otherwise dead Nemesis life, this could prove to be fatal. Joining Walter Langkowski's new Alpha Flight, Nemesis took part in the rescue of the old members from the Plodex. When these characters all decided to transport the remaining Plodex eggs to their home world, the new team decided to stay together to protect Canada.

When Alpha Flight's old foe Flashback came to them for help, he explained how he was running out of time. Years ago in a battle with Madison Jeffries, one of Flashback's future selves was killed. He swore off super-villainy, burned his costume, and hoped to avoid his fate. When his "inverted" costume appeared in his bathroom, and suddenly found himself dressed in it, he knew his time was running short. Contacting Alpha Flight, he asked them to travel back in time and alter the past to prevent his death. Rather than simply doing this, Langkowski decided they might as well fix a few thing while they were at it, and prevent Guardian's near death experience. Nemesis was the hinge in this plan, as she had time traveling capabilities locked in her sword. Needing a blood connection from the time they planned to visit, Nemesis ran her sword through Flashback, killing him. She reasoned that any death that should happen would be undone when the past was "fixed". One by one Nemesis "killed" the members of Alpha Flight to send them to the past, each time messing up the time-line even more. As a last straw, she ran herself through to see if she could herself fix time. In the end Alpha Flight managed to get thing back on track (more of less), saved Flashback and restored the time line. Since then all we have seen of Nemesis is a glimpse into the possible future where she is dead side-by-side with her lost love, Rutherford Princeton

Nemesis seems to have been an adult in Chicago during the Prohibition. It is no known how long she had been alive prior to this era. During this time she had a romantic envolvement with Rutherford Princeton, later to become Centennial, her Alpha Flight teammate.


First Appearance: Alpha Flight (2004) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Alpha Flight (1983)
Alpha Flight (2004)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004 (2004)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Women of Marvel 2005 (2005)

Group Affiliation(s):
Alpha Flight (Marvel)

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