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War Zone
Real Name:
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Powered by a gamma-bomb in his chest, War Zone was an android capable of flight, energy blasts and had numerous bombs and weapons upon his body. He also had a specific type of gas, that was specifically geared towards She-Hulk so that after she was sprayed with it, it would erase the gamma-radiation in her blood and it accelerated this process every time she used her strength.

Created by Hector DeVasquez (the father of Christina DeVasquez Ridge who is the wife of Daniel 'Zapper' Ridge, who is the former boyfriend and childhood friend of Jennier Walters aka She-Hulk) in an effort to destroy the She-Hulk. He was unhappy that his daughter felt she had to change to please Zapper as he used to date the She-Hulk. She even went as far as to get plastic surgery to look like She-Hulk.

He created and sent War Zone after She-Hulk in New York, having the robot spray She-Hulk with a specifically designed gas, made to eradicate the gamma-radiation in her blood, accelerating the process every time she used her strength. She-Hulk, not affected by the gas right away, smashed War Zone and sent it to the Fantastic Four to study.

Later, Hector DeVasquez was able to reactivate War Zone to attack She-Hulk again, this time in Los Angeles. She-Hulk was able to destroy most of War Zone when her and Zapper discovered that it was powered by a gamma bomb in his chest, which Zapper was able to absorb with a gamma-neutralizer, thus deactivating War Zone.


First Appearance: The Sensational She-Hulk (1989) #50

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Issue Appearances:
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)

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