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Battia Bureitin Rou

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As an Officer First Class of the Santovasku military, Battia is responsible for generating the null-space shield which protects her ship from all physical attacks.

As a personal friend of Princess Kahm, Battia enjoys some pull from the Emperor. As such, she is given higher regard than most of the rest of the soldiers.

Battia is a consumate sword fighter: swift, accurate and deadly. Her prowess with the blade is nearly legendary among the Santovasku military, and has been tested in battle many times over the years.

Battia's close relationship with the Emperor's daughter is the cause of concern for other, less-principled officers. Most of them won't hesitate to rat her out if it means they move up in command or otherwise garner some favor with the Emperor.

Battia also has no time for bureaucracy and red tape. She sometimes exceeds her boundaries on missions, and often places entirely too much weight on her skills. "Retreat" is not a word she understands.

Battia is an Officer First Class, a very high-ranking member of the Santovasku military. She carries herself with dignity and doesn't tolorate insubordination from her officers. Progresso especially gets on her nerves, but because he's so by-the-books, she's never been able to actually get him into trouble for anything.

Battia and Geobaldi share a kind of "on again, off again" relationship. Both of them are too proud to admit it, but they really do have strong feelings for one another. They both command ships in the military, and when their ideas conflict with one another, you can bet the sparks will fly.

After the fiasco on Earth which resulted in the destruction of Japan, Battia was stripped of her rank as Officer First Class and placed under house arrest.

Battia's first appearance is in Outlanders #3.

First Appearance: Outlanders (1988) #3

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Issue Appearances:
Outlanders (1988)

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"You're all ten years too young to play games with me, boys!"

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