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Princess Kahm
Real Name: Kahm Quevas
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Princess Kahm has had access to expert military training and conditioning her entire life. Unlike the soldiers under her command, Kahm enters battle not ensconced in a suit of armor but rather in an outfit that provides for exceptional agility and maneuverability. Detractors might claim this is a prelude for disaster, yet as Kahm's swordplay has proven time and time again, sacrificing armor for speed has been a wise decision each and every time.

Kahm also has been trained in the use of potent magic. She uses these spells to augment her already considerable combat prowess, heal her companions, hurl destructive blasts of energy, and even return life to the departed.

Being brought up in a world where everything was provided for her has made Kahm something of a brat. She often acts without thinking, and flaunts her position as heir to the throne of the Santovasku Empire with impunity, punishing those who disobey her or commit even the slightest infractions. Any insult (perceived or overt) against her honor is met with swift, violent retribution, both verbal and physical and she resists the efforts of even her most trusted friends to reign in her behavior. Because of this, Kahm has very few true friends and most of the Empire sees her as the spoiled brat child of their beloved Emperor.

Kahm easily overestimates her skill in battle, and will charge headlong into confrontations that a more rational person would see to be suicidal.

Kahm was born into royalty, the only daughter of the current Emperor, Quevas XIII. Her mother died during the birth, and her father was too busy with the duty of adjudicating law throughout an entire interstellar empire to spend time raising her properly. Thus, from an early age, she has had virtually free reign to do as she pleased, with only the occasional slap on the wrist from her father.

It is Kahm who first violates the law against setting down on the Sacred Planet, and Kahm who draws first blood in what turns out to be the costliest war in the history of the Empire.

Princess Kahm's first appearance is in Outlanders #1, written and drawn by Johji Manabe.

First Appearance: Outlanders (1988) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Outlanders (1988)

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