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Commando (01 - M-Nell)
Real Name: M-Nell
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Commando's body is infused with nega-radiation which augments his physical attributes, empowering his musculature with energy that grants him enhanced strength and endurance, as well as sharpening his mind.

Commando's armor is outfitted with energy blasters mounted on each wrist.

Commando wears a suit of Kree Militia body armor that affords him a greater degree of resistance to physical injury.

Commando is a member of the alien Kree race who was granted super-powers due to the after-effects of the Nega-Bomb that killed 90% of the Kree population during the intergalactic Kree/Shi'ar War. After the Shi'ar Empire annexed the Kree, Commando joined the Imperial Guard, a multi-ethnic group of super-powered alien beings who act as enforcers of the laws of the Shi'ar Empire. Conscripted into the division of the Imperial Guard known as the Borderers, Commando was amongst those Guardsmen who were stationed on Earth by their Empress Lilandra to help defend the planet in the aftermath of losing many of its superhuman champions to the powerful psionic entity known as Onslaught, even though it meant leaving the Shi'ar homeworld's defenses weakened against a combined alliance of the alien Phalanx and Uncreated races.

Whilst on Earth, the Imperial Guard encountered the Supreme Intelligence, a being that served as a repository for all the knowledge of the alien Kree race, who had survived death at the hands of the Avengers during the war between the Kree and the Shi'ar and had been secretly recuperating on Earth. Being himself a Kree initially made Commando somewhat of an outsider in the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, but after their defeat of the Supreme Intelligence, Commando was accepted whole-heartedly into the group.


First Appearance: Imperial Guard (1997) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Imperial Guard (1997)
Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard (2010)

Group Affiliation(s):
Imperial Guard (Marvel)
Kree (Marvel)

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