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Razor (EH Productions)
Real Name: Nicole Symone Mitchell
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Razor is a very gifted athelte, much like Bruce Wayne, who has trained herself in gymnastics and martial arts. She gets her name from the pair of sharp metal blades attached to her wrists which she uses to slice, cut and stab her way through a fray.

Despite her formidable training, Razor is human and vulnerable to anything that would injure or kill any other woman. Her mental instability has worked against her in the past, turning her into a bloodlusted berserker who has murdered those she did not mean to kill. In addition to this psychosis, she is also prone to bouts of depression which leave her unwilling to pick up her blades.

Razor also battles an addiction to painkillers, especially morphine, to numb not only the physical pain after a confrontation, but the emotional pain surrounding her father's death and her childhood spent in and out of foster care and psychiatric hospitals.

Razor is a vigilante who stalks the streets at night, preying on those who prey on the innocent. She harbours an especially intense dislike for drug dealers and pimps, but is willing to cut down any criminal element who gets in her way.

Razor is mentally unstable, having witnessed her father brutally murdered when she was a very young girl. She spent time in a mental hospital, where she was taken advantage of and raped by several of the orderlies before she managed to escape.

Razor was created by Everette Hartsoe in 1991.

First Appearance: Razor (1991) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Darque Razor (1997)
Full Metal Fiction (1997)
London Night Studios: Bibliography (1998)
Pandora/Razor (1999)
Razor (1991)
Razor (1996)
Razor - Pictorial (1997)
Razor / Warrior Nun Areala - Faith (1996)
Razor and Warrior Nun Areala: Dark Prophecy (1999)
Razor Swimsuit Special (1995)
Razor X: Requiem (2004)
Razor: Cry No More (1995)
Razor: The Darkest Night (1999)
Razor: Archives (1997)
Razor: Burn (1994)
Razor: Convention Book (1992)
Razor: Gothic (1999)
Razor: Scars (2015)
Razor: The Furies (2000)
Razor: The Ravening (1999)
Razor: The Suffering (1994)
Razor: Torture (1995)
Razor: Uncut (1995)
Razor's Edge (1999)
Razor/Dark Angel: The Final Nail (1994)
Razor/Shi Special (1994)
Razor/Warrior Nun/Poizon (1999)
Sade (1995)
Sade / Razor (1996)
The Barbi Twins Adventures (1995)
The Crow/Razor: Kill the Pain (1998)
Ultimate Strike (1997)
Vamperotica (1994)
Vamperotica Red Reign (1995)
Warrior Nun Areala vs. Razor (1996)
Warrior Nun Areala/Razor: Revenge (1999)

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"" I've lost everything, my family, my mind""

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