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Whisper a'Daire

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Snake-like skin, eyes and tongue, alluring voice, possible hypnotic abilities via eye contact

Little is known about Whisper a'Daire, whose first recorded appearance had her working for ecoterrorist Ra's Al Ghul. At the time, Ra's had developed a serum that enabled humans to change at will into one of several animal forms. She took the serum and became a snake woman, while her loyal bodyguard, Kyle Abbott, became a werewolf. One effect of the serum was prolonged life, and a'Daire was estimated to be at least eighty years old at the time Batman first encountered her, despite appearing to be in her late twenties at most. Her youthful visage was maintained by regularly shedding her skin, much like her snake counterpart. When Batman attempted to free a'Daire and Abbott from Ra's clutches, a'Daire refused, as she liked her new form and her abilities. She then disappeared and used the serum on several other former followers of Ra's, creating a small army of half-human/half-beast creatures. All were controlled by a'Daire's considerable mental powers. She learned that this telepathic link had limitations, however: Those under her command with superior willpower often sought their freedom.
A'Daire has demonstrated the ability to hypnotize by locking her slit-like eyes onto her victims. However, she often gets her way without employing this skill. A'Daire's fiery temper surfaced whenever her plans went awry, and she once spat a powerful acidic poison at Kyle Abbott, which blinded him.

The redheaded seductress later surfaced as the manager of HSC International Banking, a legitimate company fronting for the criminal group Intergang, with Abbott once more by her side. When the Question and former G.C.P.D. detective Renee Montoya were tracing illegal alien weaponry to Intergang, she ordered them killed. During the battle between the detectives and her minions, led by Abbott, a'Daire vanished. She resurfaced in Gotham City more than six months later, aiding Bruno Mannheim in performing spells as outlined in the Crime Bible. When that plan crumbled, she was severely burned and went her own way.

Works with Mr. Kyle Abbot henchmen who can transform into animals (wolves, hyenas and apes observed).

First Appearance: Detective Comics (1937) #743

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Issue Appearances:
52 (2006)
Batman: Gotham City Secret Files (2000)
Detective Comics (1937)
Vixen: Return of the Lion (2008)

Group Affiliation(s):
Intergang (DC)
Religion of Crime (DC)

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