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Supreme (01 - Mean Supreme)
Real Name: Ethan Crane
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* As Supreme's mind processes information about enemies, his body responds in computer-like fashion, by creating natural defenses.
* Blasts of concentrated Beta vision

He is actually Ethan Crane, the adoptive son of Joe and Joanne Crane of Littlehaven, USA. He gained his exceptional powers through exposure to Supremium radiation in 1925, when he was only five years old.

The radiation caused his hair to turn white and gave him a variety of formidable abilities including flight, incredible strength, near invulnerability, super-senses, the ability to project heat beams from his eyes and speed-supreme. Supreme is vulnerable only to Supremium radiation. Supremium has ties to Radar the hound supreme, Suprema, Darius Dax and the Supremium Man as well as to magic.

As a boy Ethan Crane had adventures in and around the small town of Littlehaven as "Kid Supreme." He also joined the time-traveling heroes of the League of Infinity. In 1939 he left Littlehaven for Omega City, changing his name to simply "Supreme." He served in the military during World War Two and joined the Allied Supermen of America, the first superhero team. Supreme later became a founding member of the Allies, the premier superhero team of the 1960s.

In 1968 Supreme left Earth to explore deep space. He lost his memory following a confrontation with the mystic being Jack O'Lantern, and only recently returned to Earth after years of confusion and amnesia. In his secret identity as Ethan Crane, he is now a comic book artist for Dazzle Comics. He is in love with comics writer Diana Dane, who in 'Supreme: The Return' learns of his dual identity.

Supreme led Katellans to glorious victory during the Maxia Campaign. Supreme brought down Too-Lan-Roo. He's charged more of this galaxy than Katellans and Acacians combined.

After the crossover series 'Judgment Day', he resumes his place in the now-formed superteam The Allies. On returning to Earth, Supreme learned that his entire history is periodically revised with old versions of himself and his friends and foes being wiped from existence and replaced with new, updated incarnations.

The previous versions of himself are consigned to a limbo dimension called the Supremacy.

Supreme was originally introduced in issue 3 of Rob Liefeld's initial Youngblood limited series as a flipbook story, and he was later spun off into his own series. His history varied from story to story; at one point, he was an extremely religious angel of vengeance, who cited Scripture to justify his actions. At other times, Supreme considered himself to be a god, especially after defeating the Norse god Thor and taking his mystical hammer, Mjolnir. Although considered to be the most powerful being in the Liefeld universe, he had his share of defeats, including being killed in the cross-title Deathmate Black series (published by both Image and Valiant Comics), losing his powers in Extreme Prejudice, and being brutally killed by Crypt in Extreme Sacrifice. Supreme was eventually given a more comprehensive treatment in The Legend of Supreme, a three-issue miniseries by Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming. In the story, a reporter named Maxine Winslow investigates the "origin story" of Supreme. As the story unfolds, we learn that, in 1937, Ethan Crane shot and killed two men in retaliation for the rape of a 15-year-old girl. Crane was subsequently shot by two police officers, but he survived and was sentenced to life in prison. In prison, the government offered him a chance to participate in an experiment to enhance humans, hoping that, unlike the six previous guinea pigs, he would survive. Crane perished like the others; but unlike the others, he came back to life. The outside world was strange and new to him. Making his way to a church, Crane found sanctuary given by Father Beam, and soon discovered some of his new abilities. He took the name "Supreme," and, upon hearing about the ongoing war in Europe, he decided to do his part. Not much was revealed about Supreme's work in World War II, but it is known that he joined the Allies. After the war ended, Supreme felt that he had done his part, playing a good Samaritan to society, and left Earth. In reality, the accidental death of Father Beam at his hands drove him away. Supreme spent decades in space, fighting against various threats on the side of an alien race known as the Kalyptans (the race of Gary Carlson and Erik Larsen's Vanguard). He eventually returned to Earth in 1992 to find a greatly changed society, complete with genetically enhanced superpowered humans that could be found in teams like Youngblood and Heavy Mettle. Supreme became the field team leader of Heavy Mettle for a short while, but soon left the position after defeating the villain Khrome. As Supreme fought Thor over the possession of Mjolnir, a character by the name of Enigma acquired another Supreme from an alternate timeline, to be kept in storage in case Supreme was defeated. Supreme did not lose, so the other Supreme was left to his own devices (most importantly in the events of The Legend of Supreme). Supreme eventually appeared to die during an assault on humanity by Lord Chapel, but in actuality, he ended up stranded on an alternate Earth. He spent several years there until the alternate Supreme originally removed from this reality by Enigma returned and was overpowered by the original Supreme. The original Supreme managed to switch bodies with the alternate Supreme, thus restoring his powers. After various events involving Enigma and Probe (Supreme's daughter from the future, sometimes known as Lady Supreme), the original Supreme worked with Probe, Enigma and the alternate Supreme to defeat the evil Norse god Loki, whose machinations had been the cause of the various shifts between realities. In the end of Supreme #40, loose ends had been wrapped up, and, while Probe remained on the alternate Earth, Supreme returned to Earth.

First Appearance: Youngblood (1992) #3

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Badrock & Company (1994)
Bloodstrike (1993)
Bloodwulf Summer Special (1995)
Deathmate (1993)
Extreme Sacrifice (1995)
Gladiator/Supreme (1997)
Glory (1995)
Hero Illustrated Special Edition (1993)
Kid Supreme (1996)
Lady Supreme (1996)
Savage Dragon (1993)
ShadowHawk (1992)
Supreme (1992)
Supreme (2012)
Supreme Blue Rose (2014)
Supreme: Glory Days (1994)
The Legend of Supreme (1994)
The Malibu Sun (1991)
Trencher (1993)
Vanguard (1993)
Youngblood (1992)

Group Affiliation(s):
Allies (Extreme)
The Supremacy (Extreme)

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