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Real Name:
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Neut was a small-sized, blue-skinned warrior with superhuman strength, durability, agility and speed. He possessed immense fighting skills and was an expert in using his double-edged glaive which was filled with technology and emitted an unidentified energy that could be used released in one shot or stored until someone was hit directly by the glaive. It could also reflect blasts from other energy weapons. This weapon could also be used to open temporary portals in the ground to give Neut the chance to escape if needed. He was seemingly trained in martial arts which made it easy for him to beat even opponents of gigantic proportions. It is possible that Neut was the combat trainer of Malachi and Tobias.

Neut was sent to kill Gilgamesh in Avengers Mansion. He entered through the mysterious door in the Mansion's sub-basement. He found Gilgamesh lying helpless in the medical station and stabbed him in the chest with his axe. The Avengers heard the noise and came to Gilgamesh's aid, but Neut beat up Quicksilver and Giant-Man with ease. He also avoided Black Widow's attack which hit Hercules instead. Meanwhile Gilgamesh died in Crystal's arms. After that Neut pounded his staff on to the floor and appeared through the whole it created. He did the same with the floors below until he reached the door in the sub-basement. Vision followed him and Neut told him that Vision had to pay for his sins from the past (according to the Crossing these sins would be marrying Scarlet Witch and breaking Mantis' heart). Neut left through the door and it closed behind him.

Iron Man stood in front of the mysterious door in Avengers Mansion's sub-basement when Neut came through. They had a brutal fight that ended when Neut just left after Iron Man had impressed him with a few good tactics.

In Limbo Neut approached Mantis to talk about the border's security, but she wasn't concerned and soon felt annoyed by Neut. When Kang returned Neut welcomed him together with Mantis and Kang ordered him to assign more security to all chronal checkpoints. Neut then watched a dispute between Kang and Mantis about Mantis' recent actions.

Neut was present at Kang's side when Iron Man arrived in Limbo after he was revealed to be the traitor among the Avengers.

Neut, Tobias, Malachi and a few guards tried to stop Luna from escaping Limbo with Moonraker, but they failed. Neut was sent after her in one of Kang's ships. He entered Avengers Mansion through the walls and attacked all present Avengers. None of them had any chance against him and a short time later Hercules, Deathcry, Vision, Giant-Man, Masque, Swordsman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Century and Deathcry were all defeated. He was going to attack Quicksilver and Crystal when Luna (the impersonator) jumped in the way of his blast, which hit Luna, who died in Crystal's arms. But Neut wasn't done yet with the Avengers. In that moment Wasp rose from her cocoon and knocked out Neut from behind with a blast of her own. Afterwards Neut was put into a high-tech containment unit.


First Appearance: The Avengers (1963) #391

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Issue Appearances:
Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man (1996)
Force Works (1994)
Iron Man (1968)
Iron Man (2013)
The Avengers (1963)

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