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The Time Meddler (The Meddling Monk)
Real Name:
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A renegade Time Lord and rival of the Doctor. Traditionally associated with the First Doctor, because of televised appearances, the Meddling Monk has long had a bit of a presence in written fiction, including comics.

Not specifically evil, like the Master, the Monk is really just selfish. To him, history is a playground in which there are no consequences to his actions. Thus he's quite happy to go through time, collecting bits of history, to later sell or trade when the objects will draw high return.

This character's name is somewhat confused by his comic appearance in the FIfth Doctor story, "4-Dimensional Vistas". In his televised outings during the 1960s he was known, really only in the end credits, as "Meddling Monk". He debuted in story called "The Time Meddler". However, given the televised evidence, neither title is necessarily his name. They're merely descriptions of what he did; he was a Time Lord dressed up like a historical English monk who meddled in time. It is only later, non-televised stories that have, in the absence of an obvious televised name, attempted to graft on a name to the character.

Of the two choices, though, "The Meddling Monk" is by far the preferred one amongst fans, yet the choice of "The TIme Meddler" in "4-Dimensional Vistas" is possibly more accurate. There is no evidence in the serials, "The Time Meddler" or "The Daleks' Master Plan", to suggest that his status as a "monk" was anything more than a disguise appropriate to the time in which the First Doctor found, then stranded, him. The implication of "The Time Meddler" is that had had many previous disguises, and probably would have gone on to have had many more—had not the Doctor disabled his TARDIS.

Certainly, in his appearance in "4-Dimensional Vistas", he is in no way depicted as wearing the clothes of a monk, nor does the word "monk" even appear in the story.

First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine (1979) #79

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Who Classics Series V (2013)

Doctor Who Graphic Novel (2004)
Doctor Who Magazine (1979)

Group Affiliation(s):
Time Lords and Gallifreyans

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