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Real Name: Laura Wright
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Nightveil is the most powerful member of the Femforce. With her mastery of interdimensional magicks she has almost complete control over matter and energy. Her powers are derived by drawing upon the energy barriers that separate the myriad dimensions. By channeling these forces through her body Nightveil can create ectoplasmic protective shields and fire bolts of sorcerous energy or flame. She can generate intense heat or cold. She can open portals that allow her to simulate the power of levitation by traveling through extradimensional space, but not time. She can create all types of illusions and levitate herself and others across limited distances. Nightveil is hypersensitive to any mystical activity on any of the dimensional planes, hence she is able to track magical disturbances to their source and use retrocognition to see their origin. Nightveil can even transmute matter and read and influence minds, though she uses these abilities sparingly.

Nightveil's one external weapon is her Cloak Of Darkness which was given her by her mentor, the extradimensional sorcerer, Azagoth. In actuality a portable dimensional doorway, the Cloak is an awesome device which can be used to create intense, dark null energy fields which confound, confuse and disorient. Nightveil uses the Cloak with extreme caution because neither she nor her mentor Azagoth know the true extent of its capabilities.

The greatest limitation on Nightveil's powers is her own conscience. She retains a healthy fear of misusing her powers and therefore strives constantly to dispense them with wisdom and restraint.

She is sometimes referred to as the "Mystic Maid".

First Appearance: None listed.

Other Identities:
Blue Bulleteer (Femforce)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Amazing Heroes (1981)
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990)
Femforce (1985)
Femforce: Night of the Demon (1990)
Good Girl Comics (1994)
Nightveil (1984)
Nightveil Special (1988)

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