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Amazing Spider
Real Name: Peter Parker
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Virutally the same powers of Spider-Man, but amplified by many times. He was supposefly stronger than the Hulk, and able to single handedly defeat Galactus.

Presumeably the same as Spider-Man.

In a universe parallel to the Amazing Spider-Man's, Peter Parker is an idol. He's the strongest hero in New York, and possibly the entire world. Uncle Ben is still alive and is aiding him in his quest to become more powerful. When the Amazing Spider-Man accidentally ends up in his universe by means of an accident with a inter-dimensional portal, it is revealed how he is so powerful. He is absorbing the power of other Spider-Men brought to this universe and using it to grow stronger.

He is worshipped like an Idol. During a fight with Rhino, The Amazing Spider-Man (Posing as The Amazing Spider) is told by Rhino that he doesn't want to fight the man who brought down Galactus.

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Annual 38

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Issue Appearances:
Deadpool (2008)
Incredible Hulks (2010)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)

Group Affiliation(s):

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