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Comet (DC) (02 - Andrew Jones/Andrea Martinez)
Real Name: Andrew Jones / Andrea Martinez
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As simply Andrew Jones, Comet could fly at high speeds and manipulate extreme cold temperatures. As the Angel of Love, he/she had wings of ice, ice vision, and, while a centaur, the strength of a horse.

At first, Comet was a mysterious male super-hero whose powers seemed to be flight and the ability to generate extreme cold. Thus, he would often resemble a comet in flight. He also, rather mysteriously, had equine legs.

As he began to appear more frequently in Peter David's Supergirl run, it was learned that he was originally Andrew Jones, a jockey who had been trampled to death by one of his horses, then rebuilt using equine DNA.

The organization that rebuilt him, The Stable, had done so with a view towards criminal use. He rebelled against this purpose and became a super hero, instead.

When on an early mission, though, he attempted to save Andrea Martinez from an avalanche. He failed. Both he and the young lesbian stand-up comedienne died.

The two spirits were merged, becoming the Earth Angel of Love.

From then on, Comet became both male and female. Both halves were in love with Supergirl. At first (possibly due to the "Earth Angel of Love"'s ability to manipulate romantic feelings, Supergirl appeared to return the affections. However, once she learned of Comet's dual-gendered nature, she rejected his/her advances.

Blithe, the Earth Angel of Light, sensed a way she could come between the other two Angels, and, as Comet despaired of his/her failed relationship with Supergirl, turned him/her against Supergirl.

At this point, the angelic side of Comet took over, and he/she became a winged centaur. He/she also then entered into a romantic relationship with Blithe.

More often than not, Comet's human form is depicted as female.

First Appearance: Supergirl (1996) #14

Other Identities:
Andy Jones

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Supergirl (1996)

Team Superman Secret Files (1998)
The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004)

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