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Real Name: Clius Petroneus Terentius
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Clius holds the top seat of the Juris.

Clius Petroneus was a half-caste Roman whose mother sent him to work serving wine at the theatre. He was seen by Senator Lucanus Terentius, who wished to adopt him. His mother accepted, but "adoption" was really a euphemism for sexual servitude.

Eventually, after much persuasion, Lucanus allows Clius to attend school in Pompeii in order to become a scribe. Lucanus pays him visits, but the one he really loves is a woman named Mysis (who is also an "adopted" child of a senator). When Clius returnes to Rome after two years, he seeks to marry Mysis, and the stress causes his "father" a heart attack, but his dying mother has told him that all but love is folly.

Clius marries Mysis and goes to work as a scribe for for Emperor Hadrian, and makes the daring move of asking for clarification of an inconsistency. This angers Antinoüs, Hadrian's "son," who abandons Hadrian. Hadrian no longer accepts the challenges from Clius when he notes inconsistencies in the law Hadrian dictates, and tells him to save his thinking for the plays he writes in the evening, the first of which he expects to be put on in two days.

Mysis becomes jealous of the time he is devoting to his paly rather than coming to bed with her, and Antinoüs attempts to drown himself. The scribes had muttered about their dislike of the architectural deisgns for a temple Hadrian created, and Clius bases his play on this. Hadrian knew that the play was mocking him. Hadrian says that his talent should be spread ascross the Empire, so he is dismembered on a rack, then buried alive with his bust on top of it, left unnamed for him to be forgotten to history.


First Appearance: House of Secrets (1996) #1

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Issue Appearances:
House of Secrets (1996)
House of Secrets Omnibus (2013)
House of Secrets: Facade (2001)

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