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Skornn (Marvel)
Real Name: Skornn
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Skornn is an immortal creature of unknown origins, that feeds on humans and mutants. Skornn has faced-down Mycenaean hordes and Macedonian deceits and continues to be reborn. Skornn was first seen by Traveler, who was cloaking himself from En Sabah Nur and killing his assassins, eighty feet underground in the Karanada Castle, in the city Relic of Karanada, after the priests of Karanada used the Five Fingers of Annihilation, a mystical blade and the only thing capable of killing Skornn, to murder the Council of Nirinthia, reviving Skornn. For the Five Fingers of Annihilation to give Skornn life, a life must be taken and for the blade to take his life, a life must be given. Traveler and a sorceress D'narda encountered the Skornn and fought fiercely, but were unable to kill him, until D'narda informed Traveler of the dagger. It is unclear, but assumed, that D'narda sacrificed herself for Traveler to kill Skornn.

Roughly in the late 36th century, Apocalypse ascended to power and ruled much of North America unchallenged, for 100 years, where humans and whoever else resistant to his rule could be killed at any moment. A group of humans wishing to wipe-out their mutant oppressors, Order of the Five Blades, returned to the modern era, attempting to wake Skornn. After retrieving the Five Fingers of Annihilation, a Helix sacrificed himself and Skornn was reborn. After feasting on members of the Hellfire Club, Skornn was opposed by Thing and Human Torch. The duo were quickly aided by Wolverine, Deadpool, X-Force, the Mutant Liberation, Jon Spectre, and Cable (the adult Traveler). After two hours of battling, Skornn showed no signs of loosing, until Cable cut himself with the Five Fingers of Annihilation and sacrificed himself, disappearing in a flash of light with Skornn.


First Appearance: X-Force (2004) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul (2010)
X-Force (2004)

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