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Bunnie 'Rabbot' D'Coolette

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Bunnie has robotic limbs. Originally she was partially roboticized, giving her a robotic left arm and robotic legs. She has rockets in her legs, and an energy cannon in her arm. She could also extend her arm and legs telescopically. Being a rabbit, she also has superior hearing, and surprising agility considering her half-metallic nature. When her roboticized limbs were replaced by non-organic robotic limbs, she was given an even more sophisticated arm cannon complete with shield generator.

Being half-metal means she is susceptible to magnets, though her limbs were quickly given a non-magnetic coating to retard such affects. Her robotics are somehow powered by her life force, and overexertion could overrun her metabolism and exhaust her, to the point of death if too much.

Bunnie first appeared in issue #3, when she was saved from a mobile Roboticizer by Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus. They were able to destroy the Roboticizer and dig her out, but not before her legs, left arm and lower torso were turned into machines. From that point, she stayed at Knothole, determined to use her robotic parts to take down Robotnik. Before fate intervened, she had idolized Princess Sally Acorn, and hoped one day to become her hairdresser.

Bunnie would quickly become the muscle of the Freedom Fighters, with her new abilities giving the group a new edge against Robotnik. When Sonic was roboticized in issue #39, she proved a formidable first line of defense before a roboticized Knuckles took over and brought Mecha Sonic down.

In the lead-up to Operation EndGame, she secretly got Antoine D'Coolette out of some tricky situations. The two kindled a relationship, and she proved to be a strong influence in Antoine's life, helping improve his character.

Eventually it was discovered her body was rejecting her roboticized limbs. She would either need to be de-roboticized, or have the limbs replaced with fully-robotic parts, which would prevent her from being de-roboticized in the future. She chose to have her limbs replaced, in Super Special #11 (after StH #77). The new limbs, designed by a friendly Overlander scientist named Nate Morgan, were even stronger, more versatile and more efficient. They also looked more natural, instead of the clunky, rounded features of her roboticized limbs.

During Sonic's time in space, Antoine was replaced by a doppelganger. This doppelganger dumped Bunnie and set about some machinations, hoping to marry Sally and usurp the throne. Bunnie tried her best to cope with the break-up on the assumption that it was the real Antoine, even resorting to flirting with Sonic to get his attention. Eventually he was outed as a fake. When the real Antoine returned, they resumed their relationship, and Bunnie helped Antoine through the difficult task of picking up the pieces of his ruined life, as well as coping with the murder of his father.

Bunnie became engaged to Antoine in issue #173, and married him in issue #174. In a bit of irony, it was Sally that did Bunnie's hair for the wedding. After the destruction of Knothole and Sally's grief over having lost her effectiveness as a leader, Bunnie cheered her up by cutting her hair back to its original length, finally fulfilling her original wish to become Sally's hairdresser.

When the Iron Queen invaded Mobius, it was discovered that she had Magitek abilities to magnetically control metal. She used this against Bunnie, though Bunnie tried her hardest to stop herself from inflicting too much damage. The Iron Queen quickly figured out that Bunnie's limbs were powered by life force, and decided to kill her by overusing her arm cannon. Sonic and Rotor were able to drag her from the battlefield and out of the Iron Queen's influence, but Bunnie still spent several issues in hospital due to her injuries and exhaustion.


First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) #3

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Issue Appearances:
Sonic Super Special (1997)
Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)
Sonic Universe (2009)

Group Affiliation(s):
Freedom Fighters (Archie) (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

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