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Adam II (Marvel)(Earth-8206)
Real Name:
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Adam II is the creation of Phineas T. Horton, a scientist inventor who also created the first Human Torch. Hoping to recreate his magnificent success, Horton made Adam II, a new synthetic android built to recreate the Human Torch. Horton planned to have this new android function for the same use as the original, but Adam II had other plans. The robot proved to have goals for world conquest, and took his creator prisoner, all the while making an army of androids to help with his conquest. During his time as a prisoner, Horton discovered that Adam II had plans to replace an American politician with an android of his army. One day when the Human Torch and Toro came to visit Horton, they were confronted by Adam II, who was almost finished creating his android army. Adam revealed to them his plan of world domination, and asked the two to join him and even share a place of order. The heroes refused, and a battle was started. Most of Adam II's androids were destroyed, and the rest were shut down. Devising a plan in mid-battle to capture his foes, the android tricked the Human Torch and Toro into melting down a wall that held vats of water, and the pyrokinetic heroes had their flames defused and were then captured. Adam II then put each of his prisoners (Human Torch, Toro, and Horton) into a tank of water, attempting to drown them. Soon, though, Captain America arrived and saved his teammates before they were killed. Before a battle could be fought by the members, Adam II sneaked out of the building in order to carry on with his plans and took with him an android impersonating John F. Kennedy and what other droids were left. The team alerted the rest of the Squad, but before they could arrive, Captain America left to stop Adam. While driving to the capitol building, Cap ambushed the synthozoid while he was in a car appearing as a normal human. The two fought a small battle on the street and in an abandoned building, where Adam II damaged Cap's ribs, nearly killing him. The android carried on with his plans and even made it to the White House to replace John F. Kennedy with his android duplicate. Meanwhile, The rest of the All-Winners Squad had arrived to Captain America's aid just before he died, nursed him to health quickly, and took off for the capital. Adam II made it past all White House security and was heading directly for the Oval Office when the Squad ran up behind him and Captain America threw his shield at the robot in an attempt to knock its head off. Instead of this fate, Adam was knocked over, his minions continuing to run to the president. After a battle in the president's office, The Squad defeated all droid soldiers except for JFK's replacement (who had been uploaded to be more of an elite soldier than his comrades) and the last droid was determined to assassinate the original human version of him. Most of the Squad began defending the president from the android soldier, but Captain America fought Adam, both for revenge and hoping that Adam II's system controlled the rest of the soldiers. During this battle, Cap fought Adam II partly on top of a swerving vehicle. After Adam II had taken over this, Captain purposely made the villain lose control of the car and Adam II died in the crash. Captain America's prediction that Adam's system would control the JFK impostor proved wrong, though the soldier was killed within a few minutes anyway.

In one alternate Marvel universe, Adam II has conquered Earth. This is a result of the Contemplator, a powerful cosmic sorcerer, bringing together several Captain Americas from the timestream, such as the well-known Steve Rogers and William Naslund. Without a clear understanding of the situation, Adam II took advantage of the moment and conquered the All-Winners Squad and Earth, dominating over all heroes and forcing the Squad members (including all Captain Americas) to be his loyal slaves. During his rule, Adam turned most of the world population into mindless cyborgs, obeying only his command. Trying to find a way to stop this apocalypse, the Squad had secret meetings in underground tunnels, away from Adam II or his prowling android soldiers. One mysterious day, only the five versions of Captain America met for the secret meeting, and were not joined by the rest of the Squad. Steve Rogers soon discovered that they had been turned into cyborgs, hunting for the patriots, and the men persisted to run through the underground tunnels in search of a safe hiding place. Soon, William Naslund ran into a street-smart, low life criminal that was actually willing to help them out, and he led them to a secret building safe from Adam II's clutches. Unfortunately, some of the warlord's cyborgs found and captured the Captains and led them to his palace. One by one, turning them into cyborgs, Adam II was killed when Steve Rogers, the only Captain America that was not brainwashed, helped "cure" the others and destroy the android.


First Appearance: Captain America (1968) Annual 06

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Issue Appearances:
Captain America (1968)

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