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Fever Pitch (Marvel)
Real Name:
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With the manifestation of his powers Fever Pitch was reduced to a flaming skeleton. He is capable of extending that biological flame outwards as intense heat, explosive blasts, or use it for flight. Apparently his flames are quite intense as they were able to kill Rogue in an alternate universe once. If, as he claims, his abilities are similar to Chamber's then he also does not have a need to eat, drink, or breathe oxygen. It could also be surmised that even though he is depicted with speech balloons that he communicates with a form of telepathy since he is without lungs or vocal cords, however these last few points are conjecture.

In Fever Pitch's first appearance in Generation X #50, he was a member of the incarnation of Gene Nation organized and led by the Dark Beast. He was ordered to capture the members of Generation X and successfully apprehended Chamber and Skin. Fever Pitch revealed a little about his past, namely when his powers first manifested, and he kept comparing himself to Chamber, much to his chagrin. In a similar fashion to Chamber, Fever Pitch blew off his face when his powers first activated and, over the years he had run out of skin to burn.

Later in X-Man #50, X-Man, White Queen, and the new student Gaia battle the collected Gene Nation to free the members of Generation X. In the ensuing fight, X-Man siphons off Fever Pitch's energy, seemingly killing him.

However he resurfaced in Uncanny X-Men #402 in Berlin. The criminal was fighting Abyss to try and capture him and sell him to researchers who wanted to dissect him. The battle was interrupted by Avalanche, Blob, and Surge of the X-Corps who took the two men prisoner. Once inside of Banshee's facility, Fever Pitch was mind-controlled by the imprisoned Martinique Jason into serving the X-Corps...or so it seemed. When Mystique revealed herself to have infiltrated the facility Fever Pitch joined her group of rebels on a rampage through Paris to show the populace the true face of mutants. Fever Pitch was about to burn down the Louvre, but the timely arrival of the X-Men, specifically Iceman, thwarted his efforts.

X-Men: The 198 Files reveals that not only has he kept his powers after the "Decimation" of the mutant population, but the government considers him a 'Severe' national security threat. He is currently living in the tent city located on the grounds of the Xavier Institute. He was assigned to share a tent with Toad, but he prefers the company of Erg, Sack, and Mammomax. He is one of the many mutants to have a "tracking" chip implanted in his head before a trip into Salem Center, when the chip's true nature is discovered he has it removed by Mr. M, who he follows when he leads an exodus from the institute. During Apocalypse's recent attack on the institute he is seen siding with Apocalypse along with Skids and Scalphunter inside the Sphinx.

Fever Pitch was one of the many mutants that revolted against Sentinel Squad O*N*E during Domino and Shatterstar's attempt to release the mutants "relocated" at the Xavier Institute.

He was later captured by the Sapien League and injected with the Legacy Virus. His powers overloaded and he died.


First Appearance: Generation X (1994) #50

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Issue Appearances:
Civil War: X-Men (2006)
Generation X (1994)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
X-Force (2008)
X-Man (1995)
X-Men (1991)
X-Men: The 198 (2006)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Gene Nation (Marvel)
The 198 (Marvel)
X-Corps (Marvel)

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