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Bulwark (Marvel)
Real Name: Oswald Boeglin
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Bulwark had the ability to expand his muscle mass to unknown proportions, thereby increasing his strength, durability, and resistance to injury accordingly . He wore many red, leather bands across his face and body, possibly as a means of self-restraint to gauge the safe limit of his powers.

Not much is known of the mutant known as Bulwark before he was found and recruited by Emplate except that he is from Germany. This powerhouse joined a team that Emplate gathered to torment Generation X, including Murmur, Vincente, and DOA. In an uncharacteristic move, Emplate not only recruited mutants for his team but a human as well: a woman named Gayle Edgerton from Generation X member Chamber's past. When Chamber's powers first manifested he had unintentionally paralyzed Gayle and Emplate offered her a chance for revenge, turning her into one of his vampiric minions as well.

Before the young teens returned to the Massachusetts Academy from their outing into the city, they were attacked by Emplate's Hellions. Skin, who had separated from the group to drop off Synch at his parents' house was ambushed by Bulwark and brought back to the Institute. The Hellions were successful in capturing the young mutants, but M had telepathically called for help and it was answered by the X-Man Bishop. M took out her frustrations on Bulwark, punching him through the school's biodome and then flying after him. As he was about to attack M, his muscles suddenly withered away. Knowing that he was defeated, he fled along with Vincente. Leech—then a ward of Generation X and resident of the Biodome—was the one responsible for the atrophy of Bulwark's powers, and M thanked him for his help. With Penance's realigment of alliances Generation X was successful in stopping the team.

However, Bulwark did not have a happy ending. Sometime later he was captured by operatives of the revamped Weapon X program. Along with many other mutants, he was rounded up and put into a concentration camp called Neverland and was subsequently killed in the gas chambers.

real name only revealed in Marvel Handbooks

First Appearance: Generation X (1994) #12

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Generation X (1994)
Weapon X (2002)

Group Affiliation(s):
Emplate's Hellions (Marvel)

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