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Dog Logan (Marvel)

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* Agility
* Tracking
* Unarmed Combat

A formidable hand-to-hand combatant, very strong and a skilled tracker.

Despite his vast above average strenght and tracking abilities, he still has weaknesses like an ordinary human.

The son of Thomas Logan. Because of the abuse he endures at the hand of his father, he, too, becomes an abusive, hate-filled person.

Originally, he was somewhat a friend to James Howlett when he was young and frail. However, as he ages, he becomes more and more aggresive. He tries to rape Rose, a girl who cares for James, and then kills James's pet dog. Because of these two incidents, James's father, John, fires Dog's father, Thomas Logan.

In a drunken fit, Thomas Logan breaks into the Howlett's property with his son. Thomas kills John Howlett, and in turn, James kills Logan. Rose, not knowing what to do, takes James away, leaving Dog alone. When the police arrive, Dog blames the whole thing on Rose and James.

Dog is adopted by Howlett, Senior. Later, on his deathbed, Howlett wishes to make amends with his grandson, James. He sends Dog to find him. Dog tracks him so well even after so many years that it seems his tracking skills are not altogether human. Dog tries to kill Rose and James, but James kills him.

Based on the most current data, there is no source material that states as canon in the Marvel Universe that Dog is Sabretooth. Despite this, fans on the internet have been inferring or imlpying the opposite. An interviewer asked Paul Jenkins if the character Dog Logan was Sabretooth. Paul Jenkins said he had not intended it to be him, but said he wouldn't have a problem with another writer doing it later. Despite that no writer has yet written a story that Dog is Sabretooth, fans have been spreading unfounded rumors on the internet about Dog and Sabretooth. Saying that Sabretooth and Dog are similar, both are big caucasian males, as the only evidence to support the speculation. With no proof, fans are only able to imply or infer their ideas from these supposed similarities. The Origin mini-series does not establish Dog as Sabretooth and Paul Jenkins has confirmed this was not his intention. Until a writer confirms this as canon in a Marvel Comic book, any inferred or implied speculations by fans are merely unsupported rumors.

First Appearance: Wolverine (1988) #166

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Age of Ultron (2013)
Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine (2010)
Secret Wars: Battleworld (2015)
Wolverine (1988)
Wolverine (2010)
Wolverine & The X-Men (2011)
Wolverine: Origin ― The Complete Collection (2017)
Wolverine: The Origin (2001)

Group Affiliation(s):
Hellfire Academy (Marvel)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"I promise sir. I'll hunt him to the ends of the earth, LIKE A DOG!"

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