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Quincy Harker (Marvel)

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Harker was a skilled inventor, having designed many unique and helpful armaments to battle vampires such as a silver-tipped whip, a vampire tracking device, and his wheelchair that was capable of firing poisoned wooden darts. Over time, he also built up a worldwide network of contacts and allies who assisted him in his battle against Dracula. England's Scotland Yard cooperated with him and the U.S. military was aware of Harker's expertise in the area of vampirism.

Quincy Harker, the son of John and Mina Harker (the same couple mentioned in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula") was a wealthy Englishman who devoted his life and his fortune to destroying Dracula, a lifelong obsession fueled by the many monstrosities the vampire lord had committed against Harker and his family. Little is known about Harker's past except that he used his fortune to establish a world-wide network designed to destroy Dracula and that he used his considerable intelligence to design specialized weapons for use against vampires. Harker's activities achieved considerable success against Dracula, forcing him to flee England and seek refuge in remote parts of the world. However Harker's agents spanned the globe and they harassed Dracula wherever he went. Enraged, Dracula struck back in 1945 when he attacked Harker and his wife during an opera performance. As a result, Harker's legs were destroyed and his wife nearly died from blood loss inflicted by Dracula (TOD #33). Unfortunately, Mrs. Harker never recovered psychologically from the attack and ten years later, she committed suicide. At the funeral, Quincy promised his young daughter Edith that he would never let her become a vampire, a promise he would be unable to keep many years later when Dracula kidnapped Edith and turned her (TOD#13).

Harker persisted in his crusade against Dracula despite the injuries that confined him to a wheelchair. He continued to design new weapons against Dracula as well as to strengthen his world-wide network of vampire hunters. However time was not on his side and as Harker grew older. he found himself faced with the likelihood that Dracula would continue his bloody rampages long after Harker was dead. Several times Harker had slain Dracula only to see him somehow resurrected.

The onset of a heart ailment made Harker realize that he had little time left to destroy Dracula. Fortunately for Harker a course of events in which Dracula had lost and regained his vampiric abilities had left the vampire lord uncertain of himself and vulnerable. Harker seized the moment and devised a deathtrap with which he hoped to achieve complete victory. He planted explosives around Dracula's Transylvania castle and confronted the vampire lord as he activated a timer that would destroy Dracula's ancient home. Harker impaled Dracula with a silver spoke from his wheelchair during a but deadly battle that saw Harker miraculously rise out of his wheelchair as he defeated his longtime foe. Despite Harker's victory, he was unable to achieve complete victory as the explosives destroyed the castle before Harker could sever Dracula's head.

Based on Quincey Harker, son of Jonathan and Mina Harker, in the final paragraphs of Dracula:

"Seven years ago we all went through the flames; and the happiness of some of us since then is, we think, well worth the pain we endured. It is an added joy to Mina and to me that our boy's birthday is the same day as that on which Quincey Morris died. His mother holds, I know, the secret belief that some of our brave friend's spirit has passed into him. His bundle of names links all our little band of men together; but we call him Quincey.

"In the summer of this year we made a journey to Transylvania, and went over the old ground which was, and is, to us so full of vivid and terrible memories. It was almost impossible to believe that the things which we had seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears were living truths. Every trace of all that had been was blotted out. The castle stood as before, reared high above a waste of desolation.

"When we got home we were talking of the old time--which we could all look back on without despair, for Godalming and Seward are both happily married. I took the papers from the safe where they had been ever since our return so long ago. We were struck with the fact, that in all the mass of material of which the record is composed, there is hardly one authentic document; nothing but a mass of typewriting, except the later note-books of Mina and Seward and myself, and Van Helsing's memorandum. We could hardly ask any one, even did we wish to, to accept these as proofs of so wild a story. Van Helsing summed it all up as he said, with our boy on his knee:--

"'We want no proofs; we ask none to believe us! This boy will some day know what a brave and gallant woman his mother is. Already he knows her sweetness and loving care; later on he will understand how some men so loved her, that they did dare much for her sake.'"

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula (1972) #7

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Issue Appearances:
Captain Britain and MI13 (2008)
Doctor Strange (1974)
Dracula (2012)
Essential The Tomb of Dracula (2003)
Giant-Size Chillers Featuring Curse of Dracula (1974)
Giant-Size Dracula (1974)
Silver Surfer vs. Dracula (1994)
Stoker's Dracula (2004)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
Tomb of Dracula (1972)
Vampire Tales (1973)
Vampires: The Marvel Undead (2011)

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