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Vincent von Frankenstein

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Vincent is the great-great-nephew of Victor Frankenstein, the creator of Frankenstein's Monster. After Frankenstein's Monster disappeared in the 1700's, rumor spread that it had been found frozen in the arctic and thawed out, returning him to the world. The rumors turned out to be true and Vincent set off with his servant Ivan (a giant hunchback with superhuman strength) to find the monster.

Vincent was able to track him down in Transylvania after he had battled Dracula and was able to convince him to come back to Castle Frankenstein, believing he could place Frankenstein's Monster's brain into a more normal body.

In his laboratory, he told his servant Ivan that he would place Ivan's brain in the monster's body, as Ivan had mental disabilities that allowed him to be much more trusting, this would allow Vincent to control the monster for his own purposes. Ivan, having come to call the monster his friend, didn't like this plan and rebelled against Vincent, almost killing him except that they were interrupted by the maid Betty, who was there to inform Vincent his wife Lenore was not doing very well with the labor she had recently gone into. Ivan allowed Vincent to see his wife and during this time, Ivan went to free Frankenstein's Monster with a knife. The monster however was just coming to and mistook Ivan's friendship for threat and the two battled. As Ivan was about to kill the monster (who had decided that he would allow Ivan to do this as he realized Ivan was only acting of friendship), Vincent returned and shot Ivan in the back, apparently killing. Frankenstein's Monster then attacked Vincent and Vincent was forced to shoot him twice. Believing both Ivan and the monster to be dead, he left his lab, only to run into Betty on the stairs. Betty, knowing that Lenore had already died during childbirth, took revenge for her and shot Vincent in the chest, killing him. Betty then took the Frankenstein's baby, Basil, and promised to raise him with the curse of the Frankenstein name.


First Appearance: Frankenstein (1973) #9

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988)
Frankenstein (1973)

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