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Real Name:
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Surisha was a succubus capable of stealing the life energy or souls of others. She needed to do this to sustain her existence as she aged very quickly. She also shared a symbionic existence with the demon Aesklos and was able to consume the life energy or souls he had taken directly from him.

Surisha sent the demon Aesklos, who was under her command as well as having a symbionic relationship with her (if one were to die, the other would as well) to Earth to steal the life energy and souls of innocent people there, to bring back to her so she could continue to sustain her existence. Surisha was unable to leave her own realm to do this, so she relied entirely on Aesklos to keep her alive, and in turn, keep itself alive by feeding the souls it had stolen to Surisha.

During one of it's trips to Earth, Aesklos was observed by Tigra, and upon seeing him kill a second innocent man, Tigra followed Aesklos back through a portal to Surisha's realm. Surisha quickly sent Aesklos back to Earth to bring her more souls, and as he left, Tigra attacked.

The two battled, and Surisha tried in vain to take the soul of Tigra, but Tigra was too strong and resisted Surisha's powers. When Tigra raked her claws across Surisha's face, she summoned Aesklos back to her realm to protect her. Unfortunately for her, Aesklos' predator instincts kicked in, and seeing Surisha in a weakened state, he attacked and consumed her soul, killing her. With Surisha dead, Aesklos also died, disentegrating into dust.


First Appearance: Monsters Unleashed (1973) #10

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities (2007)
Monsters Unleashed (1973)

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