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Real Name:
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Azmodeus was a giant bird-like creature that was typically seen alongside Master Pandemonium. It dwelled within the Amulet of Azmodeus and would appear to Pandemonium to advise him in regards to demonic activity linked to "the five".

The Five were the five apparent missing pieces of Pandemonium's soul that, after making a deal with Mephisto to save his life after being in a car accident, were spread by Mephisto to different demons in different areas that Pandemonium needed to get back. In reality, when Mephisto was temporarily destroyed by Franklin Richards (the son of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman), he found his soul split into six fragments, and rather than do the dirty work himself in finding the fragments, duped Pandemonium to do the work for him.

It's presumed that Azmodeus was sent by Mephisto to aid Pandemonium in finding the five.

Azmodeus also spoke in a broken kind of backwards english. For example "Fear master not! I you have! My safety wing to can carry you!"

It's to note, that two of the five of the soul fragments Pandemonium was looking for, turned out to be the twin children of The Scarlet Witch and the Vision: Thomas and William. After collecting all five pieces, Pandemonium was sucked into a vortex created by the five and sent to a hell dimension. In later years, the mental breakdown that the Scarlet Witch had, which destroyed the Avengers in the events of Avengers Disassembled, was a direct result of having lost her two children. It's also to note, that apparently her two children still exist after all this time in the form of Wiccan and Speed, the two members of The Young Avengers.

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (1985) #4

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel-Comic-Sonderheft (1980)
West Coast Avengers (1985)

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