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Circuit Breaker
Real Name: Josie Beller
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Circuit Breaker's power to channel electricity borders on the terrifying. Besides allowing her to fly, it also allows her to deliver powerful shocks to anything that gets in her way and amplifies her physical strength to super-human levels.

Josie harbours a pathological hatred of all robots after Shockwave's attack on the oil platform rendered her an invalid. While she eventually came around to the idea that there were good robots and bad robots, she's still distrustful of any life form that isn't 100% human. This has proven to be a problem when it comes to diplomatic relations with the Autobots.

Without her Circuit Breaker costume, Josie is essentially a paraplegic with no way to move under her own power or defend herself.

Josie Beller worked as a security specialist on one of G.B. Blackrock's oil platforms. When the Decepticons attacked the rig in order to gain access to the oil, she refused to leave her control console and suffered a massive electrical shock from a power surge which left her almost completely paralyzed.

While recovering in the hospital, she designed an outfit that would allow her to to channel and amplify her body's own natural electrical field. In addition to allowing her to move freely again, it also permits her to fly and fire electrical energy from her hands. She now serves as G.B. Blackrock's personal security guard and anti-robot force all rolled into one.


First Appearance: The Transformers (1984) #5

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Secret Wars II (1985)
The Transformers (1984)
The Transformers (UK) (1984)
The Transformers Comics Magazine (1987)
The Transformers: Regeneration One (2012)
Transformers (1985)

Group Affiliation(s):
Neo Knights

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