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Real Name: Dan Hartigan
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According to the world the Plutonian has:

limitless strength (known to be able to at least lift a stadium)
immeasurable speed
anti-gravity capabilities
an impervious skin
enhanced senses
can project ocular radiation
and maybe even has telepathic capabilities

The truth is more complex than that, however, with all his powers being based on latent psionic abilities and his true limits laying far beyond those imagined. He keeps his Extended Hearing on almost all the time. Thus he hears cries for help from all over the world almost every second. His hearing is also often used as a lie detector. His senses, however, allow him far more than that. He can in fact watch the electrons bounce through a man’s subcortex and interpret their dance as anxiety, elation or rage etc. He can decode the pheromones a target gives off and know conclusively what the target lusts for and what repels him.

The Plutonian used to be the world’s greatest hero. He often fought alongside the Paradigm superteam. He had many adventures and had many enemies. His archenemies were an insane scientifically oriented villain named Modeus, as well as Max Damage, who had known him during his younger days. Everything was perfect on the surface. But over the years his actions led to secret disasters and accidents, which took their toll on him. He led a secret civilian life as Dan Hartigan until his cover was blown when he proposed to his sweetheart Alanna Patel. She was horrified to find that Dan was really the Plutonian, and thus that she didn’t really know him at all. Over time, the impossibility of forgetting his mistakes, the constant demands of the world, and trying to live up to a perfect image became just too much. He snapped completely. His first act was to kill a member of the Paradigm who had seen it coming.


First Appearance: Irredeemable (2009) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Incorruptible (2009)
Irredeemable (2009)

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"I know exactly what she is. She's a carbon bag of atoms and bioelectricity. Do you know who I am, Sarah? I'm a super-hero."

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