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Kid Terror
Real Name: Tim Roland
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Super strength and invulnerability to common, man-made attacks (bullets and the like). Often used guns, though.

A kid who works with Bob Benton at an ordinary drugstore. Tim, apparently by virtue of being on duty the night that Benton makes his momentous discover of "formic ethers", gets to take a sample, himself. He is thus imbued with the same powers as Benton, and becomes his sidekick.

Tim is an oddity in the history of comic books. He has exactly the same powers received at essentially the same moment as his "mentor"--making age the only distinction between the two heroes. There are other examples of this phenomenon at Better--American Eagle and Eaglet spring to mind--but Tim makes modern readers ask a lot of basic questions. Why is he the sidekick and Bob the hero? Just cause Bob's older? Just cause Bob created the formula? Just cause Bob was clever enough to snatch the pharmaceutical symbol for "poison" from behind the counter and put it on the uniform? And why does the guy wear a mask if he's just gonna go and use his real name? Sure, Bucky might've nominally done it with Captain America, but that was a nickname. This is straight-up the guy's birth certificate name.

Far from being "unconventional" in that sorta cool way that happens occasionally in comic books, Tim just seems like a lazy writer's approach to sidekicks.

First Appearance: Exciting Comics (1940) #9

Other Identities:
Terror (Vertigo)

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Issue Appearances:
Black Terror (1942)

Black Terror (2008)
Black's Terror Tales (2003)
Exciting Comics (1940)
Golden Age Greats (1994)
Masquerade (2009)
Men of Mystery Comics (1999)
Men of Mystery Spotlight Special (2001)
Out of the Shadows (2012)
Project Superpowers (2008)
Project Superpowers (2009)
Project Superpowers: Chapter Two (2009)
Project Superpowers: Chapter Two Prelude (2008)
Terra Obscura (2003)
Terra Obscura Volume 2 (2004)
The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross (2011)
Tom Strong (1999)

Group Affiliation(s):
Inheritors (Project Superpowers)
Nedor Heroes
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