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Eve (DC)(01 - Biblical)
Real Name: Eve
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While Dream was lost to the Dreaming, Eve confined herself to nightmares and always resembled an old hag, a witch with a very nasty disposition. When Dream returned to the Dreaming, depending on her proximity to her cave, she could appear as maiden, matron, or crone. Who's Who in the DC Universe proclaims her as "cousin" to Cain and Abel, and in Sandman #40, Eve denies being Cain's mother. Cain retorts that she is everyone's mother. Both Cain and Abel were afraid of her when she made her initial appearance in Secrets of Sinister House #6, and she was mean to readers in letters columns. She found Destiny particularly annoying and eventually edged him out of Weird Mystery Tales, and gloated over that fact in the letters column of issue #19. Eve's disposition has mellowed quite a bit since Dream's return, but she remains assertive. We see a more compassionate side of Eve, however, in "The Enemy" in Secrets of Sinister House #11. In that issue's letter column, she muses on a possible romantic interest in Swamp Thing. In Hellblazer Annual #1, she seduced both John Constantine, and his ancestor, Kon-Sten-Tyne.

The question is never answered, whether Eve (and also Cain, Abel, etc) are the real characters from the Biblical stories or not. It is probably safe to assume that they are (given that Lucifer is definitely the same), however they do talk about times before Earth or things happening not on Earth, so it's a "matter of opinion".

Destiny is of the opinion that the original Eve, Cain, and Abel were much more pleasant people, as expressed in the letters column of Weird Mystery Tales #3, while a reader letter in Secrets of Sinister House #11 referred to Cain and Abel as her sons, and she did not deny it. In Swamp Thing #84, Dream referred to her as "the mother of Cain and Abel." The Cain and Abel entry in Who's Who in the DC Universe #1 refers to her as their cousin.

Also known as Erech, Pandora and Sarasvati.

First Appearance: Secrets of Sinister House (1972) #6

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Issue Appearances:
100 Naboi (2002)
Bad Doings and Big Ideas: A Bill Willingham Deluxe Edition (2011)
Berni Wrightson: A Look Back (1979)
Berni Wrightson: A Look Back (1991)
Hellblazer (1988)
Hellblazer (2015)
House of Mystery (1951)
House of Mystery (2008)
Limited Collectors' Edition (1973)
Merv Pumpkinhead, Agent of D.R.E.A.M. (2000)
Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days (1999)
Plop! (1973)
Promethea (1999)
Secrets of Haunted House (1975)
Secrets of Sinister House (1972)
Swamp Thing (1985)
The Annotated Sandman (2011)
The Bible (2012)
The Dreaming (1996)
The Sandman (1989)
The Sandman Universe (2018)
The Vertigo Encyclopedia (2008)
The Vertigo Gallery: Dreams and Nightmares (1995)
Transmetropolitan (1997)
Vertigo: Winter's Edge (1998)
Weird Mystery Tales (1972)
Welcome Back to the House of Mystery (1998)

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