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Ibis (01 - Earth-S)
Real Name: Prince Amentep
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With the use of the Ibistick, the Egyptian prince is able to do most anything. The Ibistick, indeed, has much in common with, say, a genie in that some care must be taken to request the right thing to happen. The stick only works for Ibis; if anyone else tries to use it, their request backfires against them.

Despite having lived for thousands of years, Amentep is mortal. Having said that, the Ibistick gives him a way to cheat many of the frailties of being mortal, but a loaded gun would still be able to take the guy out, were he not able to engage the services of the Ibistick in time.

Thus any discussion of weaknesses really concerns the weaknesses of the stick more than it does those of Amentep. And these are harder to define. Theoretically the stick can do anything. And it was shown to be without fault when originally introduced. Over time, though, it manifested a ineffectiveness against other forms of magic, and was generally de-powered.

Still, this "reduction" was never precisely defined. It was essentially "whatever it takes for the writers to establish that Ibis can't get out of the current jam with a simple wave of the wand".

Known by the magician's moniker of "Ibis the Invincible", Ibis was in reality an ancient Egyptian prince. The Egyptian god Thoth gave him the Ibistick as a youth. One of his earliest encounters was with an evil magician known as the Black Pharaoh. The Pharaoh stole Amentep's throne and shot his beloved, Princess Taia, with a poisoned arrow. Thinking quickly, the stunned Prince Amentep used the Ibistick to place Taia in suspended animation, to slow the spread of the poison. He then joined Taia in the "deep sleep", with a command to the stick to wake them up when the poison no longer threatened the life of Taia.

Four thousand years later, Ibis' sarcophagus was on display in a Fawcett City museum when the Ibistick woke him from his slumber. He then tracked down the sarcophagus of his beloved, and went to a European museum to awaken her. Revived in the midst of World War II, the duo vowed to fight the evil they saw around them.

Only Ibis and Captain Marvel appeared in every issue of WHIZ Comics.

First Appearance: WHIZ Comics (1940) #2

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Issue Appearances:
America's Greatest Comics (2002)

Crisis on Multiple Earths (2002)
Golden Age Greats (1994)
Golden Age Treasury (2002)
Ibis the Invincible (1943)
Infinite Crisis (2005)
Justice League of America (1960)
Men of Mystery Comics (1999)
SHAZAM! From The 40's To The 70's (1977)
WHIZ Comics (1940)
World's Finest Comics (1941)

Group Affiliation(s):
Squadron of Justice (DC)(Earth-S - Fawcett)

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