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Real Name:
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Normally the Uni-Mind is a mental gestalt entity and collective intelligence of at least seven Eternals, but Uni-Minds have also been comprised of Eternals, Humans, Deviants and Brethren. The Uni-Mind possesses all the powers, knowledge and combined intellect of those who are part of it, and all the participants share each other's knowledge and can gain new insights and perceptions. The Eternals often use it as a means to address problems or decisions that are deemed too difficult for them to solve as individuals.

The Uni-Mind is also a vastly powerful entity which can project mighty energy bolts against enemies. The Uni-Mind resembles a gigantic human brain and levitates itself above the ground.

The Eternals first performed the Uni-Mind ceremony at the time of the Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis. It is not known how long a Uni-Mind can be held together, but there is one which left earth following Zuras' death, and apparently still exists. It comprises most of the Eternals' population, though Ajak, and possibly others, have left its joining. Zuras was the first Eternal to form a Uni-Mind, after they attained cosmic powers, and used it to determine if he or A'lars should become Prime Eternal. Since then, the Prime Eternal alone has the power to summon the Ritual, and produce the Blue Flame through which the Eternals fly, their forms physically becoming the Uni-Mind. Varua of the Young Gods is also able to create a joining with her fellow Young Gods which is similar to the Uni-Mind.


First Appearance: The Eternals (1976) #12

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Issue Appearances:
Avengers (2018)
Eternals (1985)
Eternals (2006)
Eternals: The Herod Factor (1991)
Eternos (2007)
Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver '98 (1998)
Marvel Comics Presents (1988)
Marvel Universe: The End (2003)
The Avengers (1963)
The Eternals (1976)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
Thor (1966)
Thor: The Deviants Saga (2012)
What If? (1977)
What If...? (1989)

Group Affiliation(s):
Eternals (Marvel)

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