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Captain 'Sal' Arsala

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Captain Brian 'Sal' Arsala was the appointed leader of the Washington DC Special Crimes Unit. Arsala (or 'Sal', as he liked to be called) was young and gregarious - and infamous for his colorful Hawaiian print shirts. Sal led an equally colorful group of police officers, each of whom he gave playful nicknames. When the new female Dove appeared in Georgetown, Arsala was immediately taken with her.

Meanwhile, Dawn [Dove] Granger's friend Donna Cabot wanted to fix Dawn up on a blind date with her friend Brian, but Dawn - as Dove - was more interested in Captain Arsala of the Washington DC Special Crimes Unit. As Dawn missed opportunities to meet Brian, Captain Arsala asked Dawn out on a date. Dove attempted to date Captain Arsala, but had to do so as Dawn Granger in a white-haired wig. Eventually, at a holiday party, Dawn finally met the man Donna has been trying to set her up with - and Donna's friend Brian, it turns out, is Captain BRIAN Arsala!

Initially, Dawn tried to date Sal as both Dove and Dawn - hoping he would gravitate to the more down-to-earth Dawn. Eventually, Dawn revealed her secret to Sal and the pair started to embark on a more serious relationship.

But their happiness was soon be shattered.

During the battle against Earth's heroes, the evil future-villain Monarch managed to escape, stopping along the way to pick up Dawn Granger, otherwise known as Dove. Dawn and Sal were having a romantic picnic as Monarch arrived; he savagely attacked the couple and brutally killed Sal. Following that, Monarch seemingly killed Dove [Dawn Granger] as Hank Hall watched - and triggered Hank's final transformation into Monarch.


First Appearance: Hawk and Dove (1988) #3

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Issue Appearances:
Armageddon 2001 (1991)
Hawk and Dove (1988)
Hawk and Dove (1989)

Group Affiliation(s):
Washington DC Special Crimes Unit

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